This Cat Library Is A Novel Approach To The Mewey Decimal System

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
What a brilliant way to promote adoptable animals and get more people to read books – it’s a cat library! Now all they need is a Starbucks…

Hey, check these out! Seriously. You can check out these shelter kitties as you would a book at your local library, take her back to your office for some cuddle time and then return her the same way you would that finished bestseller.

A county office in Las Cruces, New Mexico introduced the kitty playpen to their lobby back in 2012 as a means to promote pet adoption. Stocked with felines from the local shelter, area workers seeking to add to their family or simply play with one of the loaner fur balls can “book” a play time and borrow the kitten of their choice. The opportunity to try before you buy seems to be working as to date the library is credited with having helped more than 100 felines find their forever homes.

It seems these cuddly loaners also act as mini stress relievers for the harried office workers who are able to not only nuzzle on site but return to their desk with kitty in tow.

Hmm, have to say that as I write this my senior tabby is doing the feline slow-mo as she tries to inch onto my lap. Whenever she sees me at my computer she seems compelled to vie for my attention and has decided that if she moves in reverse warp-speed, her stealth will fly beneath my radar. Distracting? You betcha! But I don’t want to read too much into my personal experience. Let’s just say that from a productivity standpoint, I’m thinking stress probably isn’t the only thing that flies out the window the moment you add a cutie-pie puss to the mix.

[Source: CBS]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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