Tulsa Cat Brings In Cash For Local Homeless

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A rescue cat in Oklahoma is giving his fellow homeless (humans) a helping paw by raising money being the most adorable kitteh ever.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the ‘Cashnip Kitty’ helps raise money for the Tulsa Day Center For the Homeless. How, you ask? By being so stinking adorable people literally give money just for him to take it.

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‘Sir Whines A Lot’ plays a game with people sort of like peek-a-b00 in which people pop paper dollars through slots in a door and he takes the money. Hey–finders, keepers!

The cat lives full-time at a marketing company downtown, GuRuStu. Stuart McDaniel is Sir Whines A Lot’s human, and the owner of the family-run business. He says that one day his dad recognized money on the floor outside the glass and they decided to begin fundraising for the homeless. They decided that he could make a difference for humans who have no homes themselves.

As others have heard about the cool cat’s cash-affection, he’s become a celebrity in the name of helping the homeless. His Facebook page has lots of posts letting his fan club know what he’s up to, but mostly? Encouraging people to come on down and play the slots a little and leave some green.

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Representatives at GuRuStu say that he’s already brought in $100 for the center, and they are hoping that his popularity grows so that they can do more to help the homeless.

True to the life of a hip and happening hustler, the Cashnip Kitty brings most of his money in on Fridays and Saturday nights, but GuRuStu reps say that he’s up for playing the cash game any day of the week!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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