10 Reasons Why You Need More Kitty Fluff in Your Life

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Sugar, spice… and lots of fluffy. These are the ingredients that went into these fluffy cats – and we’ve got 10 reasons why you need one in your life.

1. They’re Small

Some of them are so tiny, you may mistaken them for a furball.

2. They’re Majestic

Winter has never looked so good.

3. They’re Easy To Please

Maximum comfort and happiness achieved.

4. They’ll Make You Famous

Your Instagram has never gotten so many likes. You’re welcome.

5. They Make You Feel Better

Nine out of ten crazy cat ladies recommend petting your kitty floof three times a day for maximum happiness.

6. They’ll Make You Sociable

What better way to start a conversation than when someone asks you “Why the hell are you walking your cat?”

7. They Make You Look Happier

When someone asks you why you’re angry, you can say “You wanna see angry? Look at my cat.”

8. They’ll Increase Your Confidence

Just do what I do, human, and work it!

9. They’ll Clean for You

Who needs a Swiffer when you’ve got me around.

10. They Love You

When you know you’ll never have an engagement shoot, at least you have us to look fabulous with.

[Source: BoredPanda]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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