Portland’s Parking Kitty App Brings All the Coolest Cats to the Lot

Drivers in Portland, Oregon have the help of a new app, Parking Kitty, and Moshow the Cat Rapper has given his Meow of Approval, yo.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation recognized that parking spots were hard to come by, and a frustrating part of driving around for its citizens. They designed the Parking Kitty app to help drivers find spots and pay for them with ease, and they are being promoted by Moshow the Cat Rapper, who has adopted Portland and its ‘weirdness.’

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The rapper grew up in the projects of Baltimore, Maryland, but the self-proclaimed “Cat King” says he loves rapping, loves cats and loves Portland, so it was a perfect match.

In the epic video, Moshow does his rapping thing with his kitteh Ravioli, and they break it down all over the city. Driving and dancing in front of a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad, Moshow repeatedly sings the catchy, “Ima park my car with the Parking Kitty App,” and one can’t help but be drawn to downloading the app just to be part of the experience.

The Parking Kitty app was released four months ago and allows users to pay for their spots online, as well as receive texts that tell them when they are about to run out of time and reload their meters if needed. And, as Moshow so eloquently tells us, “No receipt, and that’s a fact,” (because you can get the receipt through the app).

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I love all things about this video, and have not been able to get “Ridin in my car with my Parking Kitty app,” out of my head, but my favorite part has to be Transportation Director Leah Treat giving a huge “Oh yeah, Baby,” wink at the end. I mean, if that’s not encouragement to use a parking app, I don’t know what is!

You don’t have to live in Portland to download the app from the App Store or Google Play, but “Payin’ right here in Portland,” may be easier if you do!

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