2022 is Going to Be Hot, Thanks to Australian Firefighters Calendar

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Coming just in time for the holidays is a calendar full of the most adorable puppies you’ve ever seen. Oh, and the HOT Australian firefighters cuddling them don’t hurt the calendar’s ‘best gift this season’ potential either!

Hot Firefighters Holding Adorable Dogs Never Go Out Of Style!

The internationally-acclaimed Australian Firefighters Calendar is out again and we’ve gotta tell you, the pups they’re holding are nothing short of adorable perfection.

The firefighters aren’t too shabby either!

The calendar is in its 29th year, and after being distributed in over 100 countries last year, is looking to take the world by storm again. The firefighters involved took pictures with all sorts of Australia’s creatures–farm animals, therapy and rescue horses, Australian wildlife and of course, the most adorable dogs ever.

While the pups do their best to make the firefighters look fabulous, it’s not always as easy as it looks in the final product pictures. Brett Cunliffe is a lead photographer of the project. He said that if people only know how many bites, kicks and scratches the firefighters take during shoots, they’d realize how hard the firefighters really do work. Still, Cunliffe says it’s fun to run the shoots!

This year, cat and dog parents submitted photos of their furry best friends. They joined in with over 5,000 photos of every type of animal imaginable to be part of the shoot. Folks from all over the world wanted their pets to be involved–including one woman from Moscow who wanted to fly her cat to Australia to be an entrant.

New to the 2022 edition is firefighter Ben Church, who wanted to make his mum and grandmum proud. He said he got a bit of good-natured ribbing from his brothers in the field!

Brisbane-based firefighter Ricky Smith is also new for this year. When he found out he was selected, he wondered how, as he didn’t even put an application in. Turns out his girlfriend had, and he went from never even taking a selfit to being in front of a possible 750 million+ views on social media!

Donations from the 2021 calendar focus heavily on community welfare organizations. Saying it’s because of the dedicated wildlife warriors who that many sick and injured domestic and wild animals survive. Director David Rogers says it’s the sacrifice of those warriors that motivates them to put together such a quality calendar that raises funds and awareness, but also honors them too.

The following are organizations the 2022 calendar will support:

  • Native Animal Rescue
  • Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital
  • Wildcare Inc
  • Safe Haven Animal Rescue
  • Australian Seabird Rescue
  • Fauna Rescue of SA
  • Healing Hooves
  • Reason to Thrive
  • Kids with Cancer Foundation
  • Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

In addition to the fan-favorite Dogs calendar, fans can also get the year the Classic, Cats, Horse and Mixed Animal editions. But, for the first time ever, there will be a SUMMER edition calendar coming out that will feature some of the firefighters having fun in the sun on Australia’s beaches. Something for now, something for later!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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