10 Hot Picks That’ll Keep Your Canine Cool

Pets can have a particularly hard time outdoors when temperatures start to soar. To keep them content, here’s a roundup of our top 10 hot picks to keep dogs cool this summer!

1. Cool Shelter

Throwing shade has a completely different meaning with this nifty on-the-go doggie shelter that features freezer-friendly polymer inserts to keep your dog fresh.

Get yours at The Uncommon Dog.

2. Doggy Ice Cream

Now Fido won’t feel left out when you’re enjoying ice cream. Simply add hot water to the mix until the powder is dissolved, and after 5 hours of freezing, your pooch is ready for some super cool dog-safe ice cream!

Get lickin’ at Amazon!

3. Dog Pool

If your summer will mostly be spent at home, give your four-legged best friend a little piece of paradise with this extra-tough plastic dog pool, big enough for any dog!

Available at All For Paws Pet.

4. Cooling Collars

A simple yet effective way of making sure your dog is kept cool this summer is using a cooling collar. Simply soak it in water for 3-5 minutes and while your dog is wearing it, and it will cool them down naturally.

Motley Mutt has plenty to go around.

5. Pet Crate Fan

Never let your dog sit in a hot, muggy crate again. This fan has extendable arms to hang on the side or inside your pet’s crate so they can stay cool when they’re chilling out.

Get yours at Amazon.

6. Icy Bandana

For a cooler (pun intended) version of the cooling collar, this icy bandana should also do the trick .

Available at All For Paws Pet.

7. Cooling Mats

These mats use the same basic technology as icy bandanas, meaning you throw them in the freezer for a few hours and use them when necessary. Even better, this one can also be microwaved to become warm if your pooch ever needs a heated mat – it’s a win/win!

Icy Cools has everything you need.

8. Cooling Vests

Ranging from size 10-30, these vests make sure your pooch’s body temperature doesn’t rise as high as the outdoor temperatures. Plus, they come in three colors: electric blue, lavender rose and pacific salmon (how fancy!)

Available at Must Luv Dogs.

9. Pet Misting System

With this easy-to-use-and-instal system, you can make sure Rover is happily running around the yard without worrying he’s getting too hot.

Get yours at Big Fogg.

10. Shaded Pet Bed

Give your dog a bed with some shade. This shaded pet bed looks really swanky, plus it will keep your dog off the hot concrete floor, which is rather taxing on their poor paws.

Order yours at Amazon.

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