Best Pittie Presents For Pitbull Fanatics

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Who loves Pitbulls? We do, we do! And if you’re as mad about these dogs as we are, you’ll want to get your paws on these adorable Pittie-inspired presents.

1. Charm bracelet

This cheery pitbull charm bracelet makes our day!

Get yours at Pitbull Princess.

2. Pinup Calendar

Every day is a good day when you have this pit-bull and pin-up mashup calendar.

Available at Pin Ups For Pits.

3. Pit Socks

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these socks are the perfect gift for the pitbull nut in your family!

Get them while they’re hot at Etsy.

4. Messenger Bag

Your love for Pitties is pretty clear when you’re carrying this messenger bag.

Grab yours at Zazzle.

5. Pitbull Shirt

This tank top is seriously allowing us to find our inner zen.

Available at Amazon.

6. Phone Case

This pittie is totally feeling those autumn vibes with that floral headpiece – we love it!

Head over to Alie Express to get yours.

7. Pit Puzzle

Not only is it a handmade puzzle, it also makes for an awesome art piece in your home – definitely a great conversations starter.

Available at Etsy.

8. Mini Notes

How much do we love Pitbulls? Let us jot down the ways…

Get yours at Amazon.

9. Coloring Pages

Buying this online printable colouring book not only make you feel better, but every purchased book will feed 10 shelter dogs!

Download yours at iHeartDogs.

10. Pit PJs

They’ll like it because it’s warm…you’ll love it because she looks so damn cute in it.

Pajamas 4 Pitbulls has a ton of patterns to choose from!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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