12 Dogs Who Absolutely Fall for Autumn Leaves

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Be-leaf us when we say that dogs can’t get enough of autumn. Who knew that a simple leaf could be so delightful? Well, these 12 dogs could tell you a thing or two about the joys of leaves!

1. Wheely Love Leaves!

Nothing stops this happy gal from running over and playing with all the leaves!

2. Ninja Dog

Doggo is about to kick these leaves right into winter with those moves!

3. Photo-ready

The leaves compliment the hazel in his eyes, so he’s always ready for a quick snapshot playing in the leaves!

4. Sneaky

When the humans let down their guard, I’ll surprise them by jumping out of this pile of leaves! They won’t know what licked them…

5. Super Cute

This Corgi’s whole expression is so sweet, we could gobble him up and get a lifetime of cavities (still worth it!).

6. Leaf Nom Noms

Who knew that leaves are part of a balanced breakfast?

7. All Smiles

So many leaves, so much happy!

8. Pug Dance

The dance of my people is beautiful and entrancing! Watch me, human, and take notes!

9. Happy AF

Although this Dalmatian doesn’t quite blend in, he’s never been happier!

10. My pile!

No, as a matter of fact, there’s not room for one more in my pile. Move along, now.

11. Leaf Love


12. For you!

I’ll bring the human a leaf. Humans love leaves!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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