13 Delightful Easter-Inspired Dog Essentials

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Easter is just around the corner, and you know what that means: fluffy, adorable, bunny- and egg-related everything are on shelves! But if you’re like some of us who would rather surf the web and order your dog a cute bunny onesie online, here are a few things to set your mouse blazing!

1. Unleash the Cutie

Start off on the right paw this Easter by ordering one of these delightful bunny harnesses, complete with little angel wings for your angelic doggie.

Hop on over to Poshpuppyboutique for yours!

2. Posh Easter Dining

When your boring old stainless steel water bowl just won’t cut it, ramp up your pooch’s style with these nifty-coloured bowls perfect for when the Easter bunny pops by for a visit.

Available at DoggieVogue.

3. We’re All Ears

Some “bunny” is ready for Easter, thanks to these adorable bunny ears. While regular bunny ears often fall off, this hat will be sure to stay perfectly upright – much to your dog’s dismay.

What doesn’t Etsy have?!

4. Bunny Booties… Enough said

This can quite possibly be the most adorable pair of dog booties available on the net. Proof? Look at this Yorkie’s expression – he hates this,all of this, and he hates you for making him wear this for the camera. His expression is that of a child’s when you fit him into the dorkiest, most embarrassing outfit you can find on Earth – and you, his parent, find him so cute, you could eat him. Yup, these are that cute.

Embarrass your dog with these boots available at Alldogboots.

5. What’s up, doc?

One vegetable that has all the bunnies happily jumping is, of course, carrots. With your dog’s newly-acquired bunny ears and now this plushy chew toy, the neighboring rabbits won’t suspect a thing. One of us, one of us, one of us…

Get your supply of these chewy nutrients at Etsy.

6. Halloween Came Early

What’s with all the Yorkie-Bunny combos? Oh well, we’re not complaining! Just when you thought those bunny booties were the cutest, imagine glory of all that is this: BUNNY COSTUME! Imagine dressing up your dog with all that is bunny – the blazing hatred in their eyes will be so vivid, you can roast a marshmallow.

Get your costume at PetCostumeCenter.

7. Treats Galore

What’s a fun-filled Easter without some of those delicious treats? Keep the Cadbury and Kinder Eggs to yourself and give your dog some of these awesome bunny-shaped treats.

Chow down at HealthyHoundBakery.

8.Bunny Bed

Come, young pup, into my comfy mouth and be warmed by my cuddly insides. While this pet bed looks super cute, expect to have your significant other whisper these creepy nothings in your ear while your little chihuahua is nestled sweetly in this rabbit’s belly.

Get yours at Alliexpress.

9. Posh Puppy

While all the lower-middle-class pups take hold of their clumsy Easter bunny hats and humiliating costumes, your dog can stand out from the rest with this elegant Easter hat complete with a sleeping bunny and plenty of white and pink feathers.

Get your fashion on at Etsy.

10. Fashion Forward Pooch

When it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s best to product your dog with this Easter-themed rain jacket. But we’re pretty sure your pooch can rock this outfit any time of the year. I mean, just look at how cute it is!

Available at TheNewYorkDogShop.

11. Chewy Rabbit

Who needs a carrot toy when you got the whole rabbit?! Give your dog the gift of destroying this fuzzy little plush toy this Easter, squeaker included.

Get yours at PetMountain.

12. Evergreen Bandana

If you’re a cool, minimalistic person, it’s only right that your pooch mirror your style. Keep it sweet and simple with this sweet bunny-covered bandana.

Thump your way to Etsy for yours.

13. Egg-Tastic Collar

For those furry children who dislike the feel of a full-body harness, this cute Easter egg collar is the way to go. For an extra $20, even has a matching leash to boot!

PoochieHeaven has all of your collar and leash needs.

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Diana Faria

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