15 Best Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets

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Dogtek Eyenimal

Dogtek Eyenimal

If your pet is too small to wear a GoPro harness, the Dogtek Eyenimal is the next best choice. Small enough to fit on cats and toy dog breeds, the Dogtek Eyenimal clips right onto your pets current collar and includes 4gigs of built in memory for recording. You won’t get the same quality as you would with the GoPro, but it records at 600×400 resolution with 29 frames per second. When you’re ready to watch the footage, you can simply plug it into your computer via USB.

Crowded Coop Star Trek Dog and Cat swag

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: crowded coop star trek

I’m a huge Star Trek nerd, and although I’m Team Captain Picard, I’ll buy anything with Star Fleet insignia on it. Crowded Coop’s Star Trek TOS collection is draining my bank account. Right now, I have the Spock Hoodie, the Communicator Bag Dispenser, and Red Shirt Plush Dog Toy, but I’ve asked Santa for the Captain’s Chair Dog Bed.

Furbo Dog Camera

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Furbo Dog Camera

This remote treat camera comes with HD Wifi Cam, 2-Way Audio, and Treat Tossing capabilities. I’ve got one of these bad boys at home and Oscar loves it. It’s perfect for smaller dogs who get scared by loud noises or spooked by the sound gears turning. The Furbo is much quieter than other remote treat cameras on the market. I also like how it gentle tosses treats, as other units tend to shoot them across the room like a yummy cannon.

PlayDate Smart Ball

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: PlayDate smart ball

A ball with a camera inside, the PlayDate Smart Ball can be controlled from anywhere in the world! Protected by a polycarbonate shell, the camera always takes a great shot – no matter where that ball rolls, it will always be facing your dog. Once you’re finished playing, upload the footage to your Instagram account.

Smart Pet Leash

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Smart Pet Leash

A leash that does more than let you walk the dog. This streamlined system comes with Smart Handle technology. You can manage your dog-walking by turning the Bluetooth function on your phone, connecting to its GO functionality, and setting a target or goal with the PETKIT app. The app tracks your walks with a roadmap you can save or share with others. Another cool feature of the Smart Handle is that it can sync with your smartphone, alerting you to incoming phone calls.

CleverPet Hub

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: CleverPetThe CleverPet Hub is a connected game console that intelligently trains and engages dogs using their daily food. It enables pet owners to turn their home into an engaging all-day intelligent playground for their dog, creating new communication channels and reducing the loneliness and anxiety caused by daily isolation. The Hub allows dogs to solve puzzles created by touchpads, lights, and sounds that grow harder or easier in real time, uniquely adapting to dogs’ levels of interest and challenge.

PetChatz and PawCall

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: PetChatz Paw-Per-View and PawCall

This bundle gives you the PetChatz system starts with the HD unit, which features a two-way HD (low light) video camera and full-frequency two-way audio system. It also comes with the PawCall accessory – your pet can get in touch with you while in “Call Mode” and allows you to engage them using “Game Mode”.

Doctor Who TARDIS Dog Sweater

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Tardis Dog Sweater

Confession time: When I was a kid, the theme song of Doctor Who scared me to tears. I ran from the room every time it came on. But after developing a  crush on David Tennant, I’m a born-again Who fan. And if you love the good doctor, this is the perfect pet sweater for your canine companion. I’m totally crushing on this adorable TARDIS sweater – just slip it on your pooch and he’ll be ready to fashionably time travel wherever he wants!

PetKit Mate Remote Monitor

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: PETKIT Mate Remote Monitor

I’m a fan of the PetKit Mate Remote Monitor not just for its technical capabilities, but also for its sleek, modern design. Available in a range of colors and designs, the Mate flows with your décor while helping you keep an eye on your pet. It provides a remote controlled, 360° view of any room, and includes an integrated laser pointer and speaker so you can play and talk with your pet from anywhere from your smartphone!

Petco’s Star Wars Collection

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Petco-star-wars

With the resurrection of the franchise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s not a fan of the legendary movie series. Petco has used its force to bring us a slew of cool Star Wars stuff for dogs and cats. A few of my favorites include the Han Solo in Carbonite Cat Toy, Knit Princess Leia Buns Pet Hat and the Yoda Dog Harness. I’m old school Star Wars, but if you’re all about the new gen of movies, Petco’s got you covered with the BB-8 Cat Teaser, Kylo Ren Flattie, and Captain Phasma Stick Toy.


Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: GoBone

The GoBone dog toy can be controlled or can be left turned on for your dog to play with while you’re away. This remote-activate toy uses a few pieces of kibble to keep your dog interested and moves around completely on its own. Its two wheels (where the food is also conveniently stored) helps it move about your home and exercise your dog, and its behavior is customizable to your dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style.  If you suddenly have the urge to play with your pooch while you’re at work on your break, the app will allow you to maneuver the GoBone from wherever you are.

Pod GPS Tracker

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: pod-gps-pet-tracker

Pod is touted as the smallest, lightest GPS tracker designed especially for cats and dogs. The tracker straps onto any sized collar and employs the same technology used to track wildlife in the Aussie outback. Pod’s technology is synched with your mobile app and web app, so you set the boundaries and track your pet’s real-time location, activities, and get perimeter alerts.

Hoison SmartFeeder

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder

When you need to keep a close eye on your dog’s feeding habits, but can’t watch him 24/7, the Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder takes over for you. Simply connect the SmartFeeder to your home Wi-Fi and control from anywhere. Outfitted with an HD camera, you’re able to keep tabs on when your dog is eating. Or you can set feeding times automatically – it’s up to you. It also comes with  high sensitive microphone, high DB speaker, real-time video, and voice call interaction.


Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: zencrate

The ZenCrate is ideal for dogs who are scared of fireworks or thunderstorms. This intelligent dog crate looks like a beautiful wooden enclosure that seamlessly works with your decor, but inside offers a doggy haven. It features motion-activated music that automatically turns on when the crate is occupied (you can even create a playlist to play songs that makes your pooch feel relaxed). The ZenCrate is also equipped with sound insulation, vibration-dampening feet, battery backup, orthopedic memory foam, a motion-activated fan, and can be WiFi-enabled.

Modmong Engaser Laser Pet Toy

Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets: Engaser

The Engaser makes a wonderful stocking stuffer! Designed to fit ergonomically in the palm of your hand, the Engaser laser toy makes it easy to entertain and exercise your dog or cat for hours of fun. Equipped with USB, just plug it into your computer to recharge for more fun!