ZenCrate Combines Music and a Den for Noise Sensitive Dogs

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Music soothes the savage beast… and also, the domesticated one! Dogs who are terrified of loud booms and vibrations will want to chill out in a crate designed to calm pooches during stressful situations.

My dog is absolutely mortified of fireworks and thunderstorms. While we have a blast during national holidays, it’s one of my pooch’s least favorite days in the world. She whines, shrieks and doesn’t know where to put herself so she can hear the least amount of noise possible. I’ve found under wine barrels, in closets, and even in the clothes hamper to try and find some solace.

Many pet parents experience exactly the same thing I do with my Chiweenie and for some of them, there have been some ways to reduce your dog’s anxiety during these stressful times. Some dogs do well with a whiff of specialty essential oils, while others feel better with a binding jacket. But many of us are still trying to find answers, and if you’re one of many desperate pet parents who want to make their pooch feel better, the ZenCrate might just be the answer you’re looking for.

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The ZenCrate is the world’s first intelligent dog crate that makes your dog feel better during those firework-laden holidays, or terrifying thunderstorms. From the outside, it looks like a beautiful wooden enclosure that seamlessly works with your decor (think coffee table), but the inside is a doggy haven.

The inside of the ZenCrate features a host of technologies to make your pooch feel safe and sound. One perk is an motion-activated music that automatically turns on when the crate is occupied. Pet parents can even cater the playlist to play songs that makes their particular pooch feel relaxed and at ease (because every dog has their own musical tastes, of course!)

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The ZenCrate is equipped with sound insulation to create a safe environment when thunderstorms or loud machinery is heard. There is also a light that has a battery backup – if your power goes out, you can rest assured that your dog won’t be left in the dark. The ZenCrate also features orthopedic memory foam for a comfortable resting position, and a motion-activated fan to keep your pooch cool.

Besides the terrifying loud noise, thunderstorms can also produce some vibrations. This crate is equipped with vibration-dampening feet that reduce vibration from the natural frequencies of thunder or fireworks. Plus, pet parents have the option to have the ZenCrate WiFi-enabled so they are able to watch Fido go in and out of the crate whenever they please. The app will also provide metrics on when and how often your pooch is in the crate.

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And perhaps inspired by IKEA, the ZenCrate won’t take an entire team of engineering students to figure out how to build it. Assembly doesn’t require a single tool, as each piece is designed to snap or slide together, so it comes together in a snap.

ZenCrate is not yet readily available on the market just yet, but the company plans to launch a KickStarter campaign this summer and we can’t wait! This product truly is one-of-a-kind and if it works as well as it should, it will make the lives of pets and their loving owners that much easier and fun for everyone. If you want to know when it’s coming out, sign up for ZenCrate’ s email update.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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