15 Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks

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1. iPhone Case

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge iPhone Case

Protect your phone with this doge-rific case and get creeped out because his eyes look at you wherever you are -seriously, try it out, it’s so cool/creepy! Such scare.

Get yours at Zazzle.

2. Keychain

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Keychain

I found these during a road trip pit-stop at a farmer’s market that not only had the freshest produce imaginable, but unique little knick-knacks such as these hilarious gems. My significant other is now the proud owner of a Doge keychain, and so should you!

Etsy is calling your name!

3. Macbook Sticker

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Macbook Sticker

What better way to make some new friends on your first day of college or university than to put this sticker on your laptop and wait for the flood of friends to compliment it? It’s the easiest way to lure future best friends into knowing you exist. Talk about the perfect ice breaker!

Available at Amazon.

4. Notebook

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Notebook

Satisfy your inner troll with this nifty notebook, available with four different paper options so everyone can take notes in style. Such write! Very student.

CafePress is calling your name!

5. Wrapping Paper

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Wrapping Paper

We guarantee you that as soon as you give your friend their gift in doge-covered wrapping paper, they’ll already be dying of laughter. They may not even want to rip the paper to shreds to get to their gift – you might as well give them the leftover roll of paper!

Give the gift of laughter from Zazzle.

6. Pouch

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Coin Purse

Let it be known that I am the proud owner of not one, but two of these wonderful purses and I can say (with certainty) that I hadn’t laughed so hard in a while when I received them. The only problem is figuring out how to use them! Much versatile. Such options.

Get yours at Amazon.

7. Bowtie

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Bowtie

The best part about owning one of these adorable bowties is that they are incognito. From afar, people can see an orange or tan bowtie with black specks but when you look closer, the hilarious truth comes out and you can all laugh about it over a glass of champagne.

Complete your snazzy outfit at Etsy.

8. Puzzle

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Puzzle

This may very well be one of the hardest jigsaw puzzles you have ever tried to complete. With so many doges and so many pieces (500, to be exact), you may find yourself giving up after a few hours.

Get this puzzle (and maybe some aspirin) at Amazon.

9. Throw pillow

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Pillow

Let everyone who walks through your threshold know that you have an undying love for all things doge. Step one: doge pillows! Much versatile. Very comfort.

RedBubble has all the doge pillows you could possible desire!


Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Backpack

We couldn’t resist the allure of having this doge meme on everything you and your child owns – so getting this Doge-inspired backpack was only natural!

Get yours at ShopStyleRaiders.

11. Full-body Blanket

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Blanket

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more awesome/weird, we bring to you the full-body blanket wrap. You’re welcome.

Get your cuddle on at CafePress.

12. Mousepad

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Mousepad

This is the perfect and only logical addition to the Doge Computer Sticker mentioned earlier. From afar, this Shiba Inu’s face almost resembles normal moon-like craters… until you take a closer look. Hilarity ensues.

Available at Amazon.

13. Doge Apparel

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Tights & Hoodie

We couldn’t choose just one piece of doge-like clothing, so we brought in two! There are two kinds of looks that you’ll get while wearing these on the street: puzzled ones and ones of pure joy. Take it up a notch and wear both! We dare you. We double doge dare you.

Get these plus a ton of other Dogey clothes at BelovedShirts.

14.  Shoes

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Shoes

Every step you take is one into a funnier side of life in this doge-stamped canvas shoes. They’re comfy, stylish and delightfully humorous!

Step into the doge side at Buytra.

15. Mask

Much Fun Doge Knick-Knacks: Doge Mask

As always, we’ve saved the best for last: a Doge mask! Because why not?! Much creepy. So scare.

Available at DogeMask.