The Best Doge Meme Knick-Knacks

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

A classic Internet staple, the Doge meme hasn’t lost any of its hilarity. If you didn’t know this famous Shiba Inu before, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of such smart, much wow Doge items.

1. Editor’s Pick: Macbook Sticker

What better way to make some new friends on your first day of college or university than to put this sticker on your laptop and wait for the flood of friends to compliment it? It’s the easiest way to lure future best friends into knowing you exist. Talk about the perfect ice breaker!

2. Runner Up: Notebook

Satisfy your inner troll with this nifty notebook, available with four different paper options so everyone can take notes in style. Such write! Very student.

CafePress is calling your name!

3. Customer’s Choice: Wrapping Paper

We guarantee you that as soon as you give your friend their gift in doge-covered wrapping paper, they’ll already be dying of laughter. They may not even want to rip the paper to shreds to get to their gift – you might as well give them the leftover roll of paper!

Give the gift of laughter from Zazzle.

4. Best Pillow: Doge Galaxy Throw pillow

Let everyone who walks through your threshold know that you have an undying love for all things doge. Step one: doge pillows! Much versatile. Very comfort.

RedBubble has all the doge pillows you could possibly desire!

5. Best Stationary: Smooffly Funny Doge Mousepad

This is the perfect and only logical addition to the Doge Computer Sticker mentioned earlier. If you love this cheeky face and want to see it day in and day out, a mousepad is a perfect choice. Not to mention it’s covered with sarcastic quips.

The mousepad itself features a non-slip rubber base, a fine-textured surface for smooth gliding and measures 7.9″ by 9.5″.

6. Best Blanket: YIRONGCG Mr Doge Meme Print Flannel Throw

For those of you with a great sense of humor who are also wanting to stay warm, why not cover yourself with a blanket plastered with your favorite dog? The blanket is available in two different sizes, and is made from a soft, lightweight and breathable flannel. Keep in mind, some users said this blanket was smaller than they thought, so don’t expect this bad boy to cover your whole bed.

7. Best T-Shirt: Your Tee Co. Doge T-shirt

Doge meme AND the deal with it sunglasses?? Could a shirt be any better? What we love about this shirt, aside from the obvious, is that you can buy it in men’s, women’s and youth cuts, in addition to a variety of sizes ranging from small to XXL. Oh, and if black’s not your color, you can choose from three other shades.

8. Best Hat: CHOK.LIDS Doge to The Moon Dad Hats

Complete your outfit or subtly show off your love of the meme with this cute and simple “Dad hat”. It’s natural relaxed fit and cotton materials paired with the adjustable buckle will ensure a comfortable fit on your head. This trendy hat is also available in 16 – yes, 16 – different colors, so you can find the right cap to match your personal style.

9. Best Poster: Haus and Hues AstroDoge Funny Poster

If you want to take things to the next level, or rather, the next universe, this stunning poster from Haus and Hues is a great statement piece for any room. This unframed 12″ by 16″ poster shows that our favorite furry friend has made it to the big leagues and is proudly displaying her astronaut suit in space. The hilarious image is printed on 100% natural solar white linen paper and uses a giclée printing to create a vibrant finish.

10. Also Consider: The Carefree Bee – 7 Meme Enamel Pins for Backpacks

Now although this isn’t solely Doge meme merch, we figured if you’re a fan of the classic dog, you’re most likely familiar with some of these other memes as well. These fun pins come in a set of 7, so you’ll get all of the images seen above, and are perfect for attaching to your backpack, hat, or any other item you see fit.

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