2017’s Top 10 Wacky Dog and Cat Names

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
You think you’ve given your pet a unique name? Think again! Dunkin Butterbeans, Yeti Spaghetti, Ninja Killer Nine Thousand, and Jabba the Butt are just a few of the wackiest names of 2017.

You’d think an insurance company with a client base of over 600,000 pets would have seen it all when it comes to the names we choose for our fur-kids. Actually, they have – and then some! You see, each year Nationwide seeks out the oddest of the oddball dog and cat names via their Wacky Names competition.

Of course I had to google the word “wacky” for an official definition and learned from the free dictionary that it means “foolish – devoid of good sense or judgment”. Well that works for me so tell me more about the wackiest of the wacked pet names!

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Apparently once the Nationwide gurus have narrowed it down to just the top 10 dog and cat names they are put out there to the voting public for mulling, ranking and a final decision. While we all know you can only have one dog and one cat crowned

King or Queen of the Wacky Name, all are officially recognized on Nationwide’s website with a full color photo and story of how their pet parent chose such an interesting handle for their little guy or gal.

For 2017, Dunkin Butterbeans (dog, of course!) edged out pooches such as Farrah Pawcett and Boo Boo Choo Choo while Little Booty Ham Sandwich (clearly a feline foodie) won out over Obi Wan Catnobi and Fifty Shades of Graham.

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Unfortunately there is no official word on how last year’s winners; McLoven the Stud Muffin and Princess Poopie Paws are taking the request to turn in their tiaras.

Without further ado, here are this year’s winners in all their wacky glory.


1. Dunkin Butterbeans

2. Farrah Pawcett

3. Fiona Penny Pickles

4. The Other Dude

5. Yeti Spaghetti

6. Colonel Mustache

7. Empress Tzu Tzu

8. Cheesebro

9. Tango Mango

10. Choo Choo Boo Boo


1. Little Booty Ham Sandwich

2. Obi Wan Catnobi

3. Winston Purrchill

4. The Great Catsby

5. Jabba the Butt

6. Isaac Mewton

7. Whiskerus Maximus

8. Ninja Killer Nine Thousand

9. Fifty Shades of Graham

10. Dog the Cat

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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