Most Popular Pet Names of 2016 Revealed

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
When it came to naming our pets in 2016, the results are… meh. A recent survey says we keep going for the same old, same old.

Hey, is it me or are we a nation of pet owners who seem to be pouring all our creativity into pricey jackets, specialty toys and customized beds for our little guys over unique and distinctive names. Yes, for the second year straight we’ve chosen “Bella” and “Max as not only our top pick for dogs but for cats too! In fact, Bella came in number one for dogs for the fifth year running.

The 2016 poll of pet monikers was conducted by Nationwide pet health insurance, and according to Carol McConnell, their Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer the results tend to reflect pop culture trends. “The most significant theme has been the continued popularity of the name Bella, which has remained one of the top names ever since the Twilight series was introduced more than 10 years ago..”

But this same-name-game does have a light at the end of the tunnel with some significant movement in the rest of the top 10 list for both dogs and for cats. Moving up the ranks is “Cooper” for dogs as well as “Lola” and “Luna” for cats while the previously popular “Sophie” has plummeted out of sight for both groups. Did your pet make the list? Here are the top names for 2016:



1. Bella

1. Bella

2. Max

2. Max

3. Lucy

3. Oliver

4. Bailey

4. Luna

5. Charlie

5. Lucy

6. Daisy

6. Chloe

7. Molly

7. Charlie

8. Cooper

8. Lily

9. Buddy

9. Tiger

10. Lola

10. Shadow

Of course my favorite category is always the less conventional tags. Like most pet owners trying out different names on new pets, one must always consider the abbreviated version your new little recruit will ultimately be known by as well as the mandatory “he just got out, is ignoring me and now I have to call his name out publicly” test. The latter caused me to discard all names that start with pussy, boo or scat.

So while I was delighted to learn that for 2016 names such as “McLoven the StudMuffin” and “Agent Jack Meower” were awarded Nationwide’s Wackiest Pet Names, I do have to wonder how one would call out to said pet when they are on the lam

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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