30 Pomeranian Mixes That Are Absolutely Precious

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Get ready for so much cute, your brain will explode from all the squee! Check out our list of 30 absolutely precious Pomeranian mixes – we dare you not to awwwww!

While the wee Pomeranian may look diminutive with his fine, fox-like features and poufy tangerine-toned coat, let me tell you that this pint-sized pooch packs a whole lot of personality into his 7-pound frame… with a side of attitude to boot. Yes, this feisty little dog who harkens from Germany is a member of the Spitz family and therefore calls the Samoyed and Alaskan Malamute distant kin. But where they have size, strength, and endurance, the Pom has the confidence, tenacity, and sense of self-importance that makes him a breed unto himself. So, what happens when you mix this spirited little guy with other breeds? Let’s find out with our list of 30 Pomeranian mixes.

Why Mix With Pomeranian?

You may be asking, “Why mix a dog with a Pomeranian anyway?” The answer is pretty easy–it’s because anything you mix with it is just stinking adorable. But, there’s more to mixing breeds with Poms, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that for generations, Poms have been known to be loving and feisty, with a bit of royalty thrown in. (Queen Victoria loved a Pomeranian in 1888 and brought this breed to the forefront as a love bug.)

Pomeranians are small and they can live for about 16 years. That means they stay with most families for almost a child’s whole lifetime. They come in lots of different coat colors for cross-breeding and they have active and extroverted personalities. They are smart dogs and that means they can be trained easily, and they love to meet new people and animals. Their puppies are super playful and because they are fairly small, they really only require about a moderate amount of exercise. That said, they have a lot of energy and they love walks, so be prepared, no matter what breed you end up crossing with.


Starting off our list of Pomeranian mixes is the Pomsky. This tiny cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian (aka Huskeranian) brings the distinctive markings of the Husky in a smaller, Pom-sized body. Beware… this playful, friendly little pooch with the great big streak of confidence may inherit the talkative nature of the Husky. Just think about that!

This mix often requires more exercise than the average Pomeranian. Huskies were bred to run, pull sleds, and navigate difficult winter terrain. Without enough exercise, Huskies and Husky mixes can become destructive. Be prepared to factor some additional walks or high-energy games into your daily routine.

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Mix a sweet little Papillon dog with a headstrong Pomeranian and you end up with a lovable pooch that adores kids and has decided that other pets are okay too. AKA the PapiPom, this gentle, keen-to-please mini-mutt is super-friendly and because of that self-sufficient Pom streak, he’s cool with playing on his own and keeping himself “busy”.

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When you bring together the stubborn nature of the Pomeranian and the sensitive, cautious character of the Shetland Sheepdog (aka Sheltie), you end up with a loyal, protective family dog that bonds closely with his humans and enjoys a good cuddle – when he feels appropriate. While he’s great with kids, he’s a little wary of new faces and will let you know it.

The Sheltie is an intelligent breed that is eager to please. They thrive during obedience training, excited to learn and pick up new commands at a fast pace. If you’re looking for a dog that can easily be trained, you’re in luck with this mix!

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If you never thought of an American Eskimo Dog as a cuddly little lap dog, then you’ve never seen him crossed with a Pomeranian. AKA the Eskiranian, this happy, loyal family pet brings the self-assured nature of the Pom together with the playful personality of the American Eskimo dog for a vigilant watchdog that will bark if and when he decides it’s warranted.

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One of the most adorable in our list of Pomeranian mixes is the Shiranian. In a battle of the divas, you have the determined little Pomeranian paired with a gentle, sweet-natured Shih Tzu for a friendly pint-sized pooch that is cheerful, loyal, and bonds quickly to his family.

In spite of the self-sufficient nature of the Pom, this little guy may suffer from separation anxiety when his peeps aren’t around.

(Photo credit: Kim Trost Buettner/Flickr).


Blend the finer, fox-like features of a Pom with the long, flowing coat of a Maltese and you have a pooch that is not only friendly and affectionate but also hypo-allergenic. The Maltese was bred to be a lapdog. They are highly affectionate, loving, and trusting of their family. These are all traits that often carry over to this adorable little Pomeranian mix. But don’t let their love of cuddling fool you. They also love a good play session.

While this little guy is great with kids, that independent nature of the Pom can result in small dog syndrome and make him bossy around other pups. Read: doesn’t always play nice.


Beauty meets brains with the feisty Pomeranian and the super-smart Toy Poodle. This friendly, affectionate little guy is very out-going and while small in stature, brings some of the Pom’s big personality to the mix. As a result, he can be a tad cautious with new faces and while typically good with other dogs, may need a little socialization first.

Unlike many of the other mixes on this list, the Pomapoo may inherit the calmer, more laid-back Toy Poodle personality. This makes them a great choice for those living in apartments or urban areas.

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When you cross two small dogs with larger-than-life personalities and no sense of scale, you end up with a Pom-Chi. Yes, this Pom / Chihuahua mix has the confidence of Godzilla and makes an affectionate, playful, and highly loyal little family pooch. Without proper socialization this mini-mutt can become fearful and cautious (read aggressive) toward strangers… so start early. They are often highly vocal dogs, barking at anything and everything. If you live in an apartment complex with strict noise rules, you may want to reconsider whether this is going to be a good fit.

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Yep – the beagle makes it into our Pomeranian mixes. Cross the good-natured Beagle with the alert, high-energy Pom and you’ve got a fun little dog that is supremely loyal to his family and when you add his instinct to chase and an alert nature, you’ve got a great little watchdog. While the Pom brings a certain independence to the mix, this little dog can suffer from separation anxiety and doesn’t do well on his own.

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Blend the mischievous personality of the Bichon Frise and the self-assured nature of the Pomeranian and you’ve got an affectionate family pet that loves to cuddle and is fiercely loyal and protective. While not great with young kids, he’s cool with older ones who know how to treat him. Because this little guy is so family-oriented, he can suffer a little separation anxiety if left on his own for long periods of time.

If you work long hours and want to avoid destructive behaviors, consider crate training your Bichonaranian. Not only will this save your house (and everything in it – your shoes, your couch, your rug, etc.) but it will also go a long way to keep your dog safe.

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When you cross a sensitive, loving pooch like the Boston Terrier with the outgoing personality of the Pomeranian you’re going to get an interesting mix of dog. The Pomston is a fun, friendly little guy that thrives on human interaction and loves to just hang with his family. He’s super loyal, a great watchdog and can’t imagine why you’d ever do anything without him – which is why he gets upset if you leave him alone.

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Bring together the wilful personality of the Pomeranian and the curious nature of the Brussels Griffon and you end up with an independent little pooch called a Brusselranian. In spite of being self-assured, this family-friendly mini-mutt is known to bond closely with his pet parent and suffer from separation anxiety if left on his own. This, coupled with a tendency to be yappy, means his ideal home environment includes an owner that is retired or works from home.

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The playful little Cairanian is the love-child of the super perky and often bossy Cairn Terrier and the feisty, stubborn Pomeranian. No surprise this pint-sized pooch has a big personality and loves nothing more than play time with older kids (not so much the younger ones) and being the center of attention. Stubborn streak? Oh yes, and territorial to boot so early socialization is a must.

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The fun-loving Cavapom is the result of crossing the head-strong Pomeranian with the polite and laidback Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. What you get is a sweet-natured little dog that loves to cuddle up on a lap or engage in active playtime with kids or adults. Unlike the Pom who can be a one-person dog, this pooch is less likely to make strange and therefore isn’t necessarily a great watchdog.

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Mix the curious little Chinese Crested with the spirited Pomeranian and you get a playful and loving family pooch. This little guy does well with other pets and is great for older kids because he loves to be fawned over and made the center of attention. He does bring the loyalty and smarts of both breeds as well as their need to be with people. As a result, he’s not one to be left on his own for long periods of time. This is a great option for those that have a love for the sweet, affectionate, and loyal personality of the Chinese Crested but prefer a fuzzier puppy to cuddle up with.

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The gentle Cockeranian brings together the sensitive, cautious nature of the Cocker Spaniel and the big personality of the Pomeranian for a fun little family dog that gets along well with older kids and pets. He’s a playful mix of stubborn and protective and does best when by his owner’s side which means it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like being left on his own and can be prone to “vocalizing” this quite frequently.

Cockeranians are highly susceptible to separation anxiety. In an effort to prevent this, try normalizing short times where you are separated from one another. It doesn’t have to be anything major – just place your dog in his crate (you can offer a distraction like a KONG) and go do your grocery shopping or visit your favorite coffee shop.

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What happens when you cross the sweet-natured Coton de Teluar with the bossy little Pomeranian? You get a loving and playful little pooch who, while wary of strangers (Pom DNA for sure), can be quite friendly and outgoing when properly socialized. This little guy gets along with kids, other pets and even the family cat once socialized and makes a fun and highly active addition to any family.

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No surprise that when you bring together the stubborn nature of the Dachshund and the feisty spirit of the Pomeranian that you’ll have a bold little dog that is both playful and entertaining. The Dameranian is a highly social pooch that is affectionate and loyal – often following his pet parent around the house.

Be warned, he’s a cuddler, and he bonds quickly which can make it a challenge to leave him alone for long periods. The good news is that they adapt well to newer environments as long as they have ‘their person’ close by. If you’re searching for the perfect little pocket-sized dog to bring along on all your life’s adventures, this is a great mix to consider!

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Yes, Star Wars is where this interesting-looking little dog gained his moniker. The product of the gentle Havanese and the headstrong Pom, this cheerful little dog is a great family companion that bonds quickly with his pet parent and is both affectionate to all he meets and highly sensitive to being spoken to harshly – so train thoughtfully. The Ewokian thrives on positive reinforcement-based training with plenty of rewards (tasty treats) and loving praise.

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The clash of the over-the-top small dogs happens when you bring together the entertaining and highly energetic Jack Russell with the bold and feisty Pomeranian. Step back, because this entertaining pooch is totally devoted to his family pack, and with that loyalty comes a super watchdog who can become aggressive toward anyone and anything he considers a threat. Including the family cat!

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Cross the happy, goofy personality of the Lhasa Apso with the determined little Pomeranian and you’ll end up with a fun family pooch who has no idea he’s just a little guy. Yes, big personality going on here and while he is intelligent, playful, and always affectionate, he’s also alert and protective of his human pack and won’t hesitate to bark when needed. If you want him to be cool with kids and other pets, socialize him while he’s young.

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When you bring together the self-assured and always “busy” Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) and the bold, feisty Pomeranian, you’re going to end up with a big dog personality in a little dog body. The Pineranian is an animated and loving little pooch who is perky to the ‘nth degree however can be shy and cautious around new faces. He’s ideally suited to a home where he rules the roost (in other words, no kids or other pets) and early socialization will be important with this little guy.

If you enjoy traveling the world with your dog by your side, this confident pup is a great choice. While some dogs can experience anxiety in new situations and environments, the Pineranian is excited to lead the way into the unknown. From hotel rooms and luxury cabins to long road trips and rustic campsites, he’s a great travel buddy.

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Add the always-alert Miniature Schnauzer to the spirited Pomeranian and you end up with an independent little pooch who will happily vocalize to let you know when he senses something’s amiss. Yes, he’s a barker and while this playful, affectionate and highly social pooch is always up for a good time, he won’t rest till he knows his human pack is safe from whatever that noise was. Early socialization will help with this.

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While you might think the wilful personality of the Pomeranian and the self-important nature of the Pekingese would result in a demanding diva, you’d be wrong. The Peek-A-Pom is a fun-loving dog that does well with older kids and other pets. In fact, he develops a strong bond with his pack and is prepared to do battle (or at least bark a lot) when stranger danger approaches. Of course, this also means he’s not happy when left all alone… and that willingness to vocalize resurfaces. (Photo credit: wirakorn/Bigstock)


What doesn’t go well with a little Pug? Bring together the people-pleasing nature of the Pug with the independent streak of the Pomeranian for a fun family dog that gets along well with kids of all ages and other pets. Loyal, loving, and always entertaining, this mini-mutt is typically quiet but his strong sense of duty means he’s going to bark up a storm to let you know when danger lurks… or the mailman.

Not only is this a loving mix from a personality standpoint but combining the two breeds is a great way to overcome the health complications that are often faced by the Pug. This means that you can look forward to many happy, healthy years ahead with your pup by your side.

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So, you mix the stubborn little Rat Terrier with the head-strong Pomeranian, and no surprise, you get a mini-mutt with lots of attitude. Truthfully, this is a super loving little dog that is high-energy, friendly, and ready to play at the drop of a hat. While he gets along well with his own human/pet pack, he’s not always so accepting of new faces and is quick to vocalize his displeasure. A little socialization will help him learn to play nice with others.

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For those that love the feisty nature of the Pomeranian and the energy of the Shiba Inu, this little cross is the dog for you. He’s got a little sass from the Pom with a whole lot of spunk from the Shiba. While fun-loving and full of energy, that doesn’t mean he’ll play nice with whoever crosses his path. Socialize him early on so he accepts kids and other pets into his world. He’s also protective and ready to bark, and bark, and bark… when he decides it's necessary.

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The energetic little Pom-Silk is a fun-loving mix of the scrappy Silky Terrier and the full-of-attitude Pomeranian and he makes a great pet for families with kids of all ages (not so much other pets). This loyal and affectionate pooch has a curious, independent nature that makes him a force to be reckoned with and therefore needs an experienced dog owner to keep him in check. That said, he is intensely loyal to his pet parent and loves nothing better than to be involved in everything they do.

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Pom Terrier

When the larger-than-life Pomeranian is crossed with the scrappy, feisty Fox Terrier, what you end up with is a loving and loyal family pooch that has a stubborn streak a mile wide. This inquisitive little dog is highly intelligent and needs to be kept engaged during the training process or he’ll become bored and tune you out. Likewise, when he’s on his own – boredom can lead to destructive behaviors.

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Finishing off our list of Pomeranian mixes is the Yorkie-Pom. Team the friendly, perky little Yorkshire Terrier up with the spirited, high-energy Pomeranian and you end up with a playful, affectionate, and often willful little dog that loves to hang out on any lap that will have him. AKA the Yoranian and the Porkie, this little pup is small in size but big on vocals and won’t hesitate to express displeasure again, and again (and again), so training should be in the works from the get-go.

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