Adorable Dog Masters the Art of Air Cycling [Video]

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I’m not a fan of exercise. I mean, it’s healthy and all, but I am pretty much the laziest person I know. But I’ve been inspired by the cutest little pup on the planet, who set Twitter users a-tweeting when Stuart Rutherford of Norwich, UK, posted this video.

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I mean, if that little guy can believe that he’s working hard, who am I to just sit on the sofa, hoping that the coffee maker would magically bring me yet another cup of coffee?

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No one, that’s who! God love him for helping his human out, and for feeling like he’s gotta be a team player. He may not be actually getting anywhere, but he sure is adorable for trying.

And, if he can do it, I can do it! Off to make my own cup of coffee myself!

Dangit. Out of coffee. Oh well. Pedal on, little cycle warrior! Pedal on!