Check Out These Prime Big Deals Day for Pets!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Prime Big Deals Day has us giddy with excitement! Here are the best deals we’ve found (at the best prices and with record shipping speeds) that our fur babies need.

If you’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to scouring the internet for the best possible deals on toys, treats, and togs for the fur-kids, we’re about to make your day. Prime Big Deal Days is on October 10 and 11 with deals that were worth waiting for. Yes, this two-day shopping extravaganza – exclusive to Amazon Prime members – features incredible deals on a massive array of products from some of the top brand names in pet care. And that just scratches the surface because there are over one million e-tailers and retailers who will be vying for your business by dangling unique selections and discounted pricing in front of your face. Hmmm…. sound familiar?

Now, if you’ve still not joined the pack of more-than-100-million Prime members who know how to shop for great deals, it’s not too late. In fact, it’s easy to join and to immediately begin enjoying the many benefits that membership provides. Perks such as free delivery – with 2-day shipping – now 1-hour shipping depending on your zip code! And access to Prime Video for limitless streaming of movies and TV, as well as Prime Music for unlimited, ad-free listening to hundreds of Prime Playlists. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, members not only enjoy special deals year-round, but receive a $10 credit for use on Prime Day. Think of it as rewards-based training… where the treat is added purchasing power versus a stale dog biscuit you keep in your pocket. Can’t say no to that!

Let’s talk Dash, too. Nope, not your dog at the leash-free park, but the service exclusive to members. With Prime Dash you can auto-replenish frequently used items that often get forgotten when you’re out shopping. Think poop bags, kibble, or those well-worn chew toys. Shipping is fast, free and you can even schedule your delivery time so the goodies arrive exactly when you want them to. So, no worries about returning home to a box on your front stoop and a dog that’s been barking furiously at a long-gone delivery person.

Now, if you’re still undecided about membership and want to chew on it for a while, consider this: you can try it for free for 30-days. Yes, it’s free and all those perks we just described can be used during Prime Day to score some amazing deals and fast shipping. If you still aren’t convinced that life with pets is so much easier as a Prime member, you just walk away – no commitment or cancellation fee.

Ready to bite? It’s easy. Whether you’re looking for a new stash of catnip toys for Fluffy or feel it’s time to revisit your pooch’s summer look with a new leash and harness, you’re working with over a million retailers who will be bringing literally hundreds of thousands of their best deals to your virtual door, so you can just sit, stay, and shop. If you’ve been thinking about a big-ticket purchase such as an electronic treat dispenser, or GPS tracking system for a pooch that wanders, now is the time to get your credit card out. In fact, the prices are slashed so deeply that they’ll rival anything you find on Black Friday and because new merchandise is constantly rotated in, you’re never short of options to choose from. Hot pooch summer is ready to begin!

So, why wait till November to stock up on some seriously discounted goodies for your pet? June brings you the most anticipated shopping event of the year and we’re here to help with some of our favorite deals.

Super Pawsome Deals to Check Out Now:

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed & Health Kit | Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening: Save 32%

Save on Pet Hair Remover Glove

Save on Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats

Save on Beewarm Squeaky Dog Chew Toys

Save on UPSKY Dog Water Bottle Portable Pet Water Bottle

Save on Cat Weed Catnip

Save on Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Smart Orange Interactive Treat Puzzle

Save on Baskerville Ultra Basket Dog Muzzle

Save on LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl

Save on Pawsibility – 2021 Reinvented Pet Nail Clippers for Your Pal

Save on PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats

If you were ever curious to learn more about your four-legged bestie, now’s the time. This veterinary-approved dog DNA test will let you know all the important tidbits about your pet. Learn about all the details of their ancestry like which breeds they have in the family tree, and accurately test for over 200 genetic diseases. With results coming only from the highest-rated scientific sources, you can rest assured that accuracy is guaranteed. Results arrive between 2 and 4 weeks. Taking a sample is super easy, and only requires a simple swab around your dog’s mouth. Another nifty feature is a special code that allows you to download an app and track the sample you sent and have direct access to all the vital information about your pupper at the tips of your fingers. You can even use it to find your pet’s relatives- how pawesome is that?

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs

The first step towards keeping allergies under control is to boost the immune system, and that’s precisely what this dog supplement does. These grain-free soft chews are formulated with natural ingredients with a potent effect, such as wild Alaskan salmon oil to provide essential fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, colostrum, apple cider vinegar, prebiotics, and five strains of beneficial probiotics that deliver 250,000,000 CFU. Furthermore, each chew contains 80 mg of Epicor, a natural yeast that contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants that are clinically proven to boost your pet’s immune system and help their overall health. Together, all of these ingredients make for healthy skin and coat, a more robust immune system, and optimal histamine levels. The best part is that these supplements can be doled out as a treat- your pooch will wag their tail at the sight of one of these chews!

PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier for Cats and Puppies

It isn’t always easy to bring your cat along when you travel – no matter the distance. However, with this nifty backpack carrier for cats, your feline friend can tag along wherever and whenever! Made with highly durable and breathable materials, this backpack features an ergonomic design and is suitable for cats weighing up to 17 lbs. The first thing you will notice is the enclosed design with a large clear window that offers your kitty a wide vision of the world around them. Perfect for hikes in nature or busy city life! Of course, there are several ventilation ports – including a built-in fan – which will create a breezy feel for your pet and make sure that they are comfy and safe at all times. The area for the cat is quite roomy, allowing it to sleep or sit upright, and there is an added warm LED light for when the night comes. Safe, sturdy, and super-efficient!

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed

Every dog deserves to lounge in style. But sometimes, it’s a necessity and not a luxury to sleep on a soft, orthopedic cushion. This design is ideal for all dogs, but especially for senior puppers, dogs suffering from arthritis, or simply dogs who are recovering from surgery. Super soft and comfortable, this unique donut-shaped dog bed is covered with cozy faux fur which dogs simply adore. The bottom features a non-slip surface, and the whole bed is easily maintained with machine washing and drying. The donut shape has raised edges that make for a cozy little nook and ensures a healthy sleeping posture. Great for home, and travel too, this comfy dog bed will instantly become your pet’s new favorite space to snooze. This cuddler bed is available in 4 color options and small, medium, or large size.

WANTRYAPET Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated dog bowls are ideal for dogs suffering from digestion problems, conditions such as megaesophagus, neck pain, and aching joints. Raised bowls can also benefit the digestion of all dogs, and help slow down those super-fast eaters to a healthier eating tempo. This nifty design is great for both indoor and outdoor use, and sports a unique and stylish design that will only contribute to your home decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Its frame is built from heavy-duty steel, and the bowls are slotted into a thick bamboo wood board. This ensures plenty of stability and a surface that is easy to clean. A unique bone detail on top allows you to decorate it with your pet’s name. The food bowls are made with lightweight and very durable melamine, which is fully dishwasher safe and pet-friendly, but can’t be used in microwaves. You also get to choose between 4 color options and two sizes to ensure a perfect match.

Vailge Extra Large Dog Car Seat Covers

When your dog is traveling in the car with you, mud, hairs, and dirt become a major issue- you can forget about tidiness when pooch rides shotgun. Car seat covers help remedy that issue, but are rarely enough to keep everything clean and protected from your doggo’s muddy paws. This extra-large design, however, allows no dirt to escape underneath. Made from water-resistant and super sturdy 600D Oxford material, this dog car seat cover has a nifty flap design and easily covers the entire back area of any car model. The flaps can be lowered or raised, and are secured in place with zippers. Once raised, they quickly transform the cover into a hammock design that keeps your dog in place and safe. With plenty of straps and a non-slip bottom, this seat cover stays securely in place. Clean, convenient, and really easy to use, this car seat cover will make any vet visit or road trip hassle-free.

PetnPurr The Original Cactus Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball for All Ages

We all know that cats have a peculiar need to always sharpen their claws. Sadly, they tend to sharpen them on the furniture, shredding the upholstery into pieces. To solve this problem, you’ll need a nifty cat scratching post – like this one from PetnPurr. Shaped like a cactus plant, it is designed to fit into your home as a cool accessory, hiding its true purpose. The fact that it looks more like decor than a pet product will further entice your kitty to use it, in all honesty. Covered in the durable material known as sisal, it can withstand your cat’s scratches with ease, and keep them sharp. An added dangling ball will entice the cat into play, drawing them to scratch as well! An extra-wide and stable platform makes sure that the post won’t tip over during play. Super cute and super-efficient, this scratching post is the ideal way to keep your precious furniture safe from harm.

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Grooming is important- not only that you want your doggo to look great, but you prevent a myriad of issues with regular trims, such as mats and tangles. Whether you want to do some dog trimming at home, or you are a dog groomer looking for new tools, this excellent clipper for dog grooming will come in handy. One of its main features is a rechargeable battery that makes it easy to handle and flexible for every use – no more messy cables. With a super powerful motor, it can provide plenty of strength for all types of dog hair, especially when used with its extra-fine stainless steel blades. Of course, an assortment of added plastic blade guards can help you reach every thickness and any design. Another great feature is the adjustable blade distance, which makes hair clipping a breeze. It features a nifty ergonomic design and a low noise output – even though it is extra powerful!

SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs

A hands-free leash makes those long walks with your dog much easier – while still making sure that your pet is safely tethered by your side. This design from SparklyPets takes that concept to a whole new level: the leash clips onto the added belt with high-quality buckles, giving you the freedom to relax and rest your hands when walking your dog. The belt comes complete with a big and useful pouch, where you can store your wallet, phone, or any other accessories. Of course, the padded design and soft materials make it comfortable to wear, even when your doggo is tugging. If you at any time prefer to return to the hands-on design, you have that option. SparklyPets left you with two handgrips at different positions, ensuring that you have maximum control over your dog at all times. All in all, this hybrid design covers all the important bases and makes dog walking a totally new experience.

Toozey Foldable Dog Pool

Nothing beats summer baths- summertime is pool time! Doggos can enjoy that as well, especially with smart designs such as this foldable dog pool. Made with an extra durable and non-toxic PVC material, this pool is great for the outdoors and can withstand your dog’s sharp claws. This convenient pool is easily and quickly foldable, so you can easily store it away when not in use. It also features a quick drain, which helps minimize the mess and speeds things up. Of course, this design is also suitable for kiddies – they too can share in on the fun, as they say, the more, the merrier. The bottom of the pool features a high-density, thick fiberboard, which ensures stability and sturdiness. Another great thing is that this pet-friendly pool comes in 3 colors and 4 sizes, so any pupper will easily find a perfect fit.

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