We’ve Found Amazing Amazon Prime Day 2020 Pet Deals!

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If you’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to scouring the internet for the best possible deals on toys, treats, and togs for the fur-kids, we’re about to make your day. Amazon’s Prime Day for 2020 is back on October 13 and 14 with deals that were worth waiting for. Yes, this two-day shopping extravaganza – exclusive to Amazon Prime members – features incredible deals on a massive array of products from some of the top brand names in pet care. And that just scratches the surface because there are over one million e-tailers and retailers who will be vying for your business by dangling unique selections and discounted pricing in front of your face. Hmmm…. sound familiar?

Now, if you’ve still not joined the pack of more-than-100-million Prime members who know how to shop for great deals, it’s not too late. In fact, it’s easy to join and to immediately begin enjoying the many benefits that membership provides. Perks such as free delivery – with 2-day shipping – now 1-hour shipping depending on your zip code! And access to Prime Video for limitless streaming of movies and TV, as well as Prime Music for unlimited, ad-free listening to hundreds of Prime Playlists. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, members not only enjoy special deals year-round, but receive a $10 credit for use on Prime Day. Think of it as rewards-based training… where the treat is added purchasing power versus a stale dog biscuit you keep in your pocket.

Let’s talk Dash. Nope, not your dog at the leash-free park, but the service exclusive to members. With Prime Dash you can auto-replenish frequently used items that often get forgotten when you’re out shopping. Thinking poop bags, kibble, or those well-worn chew toys. Shipping is fast, free and you can even schedule your delivery time. So, no worries about returning home to a box on your front stoop and a dog that’s been barking furiously at a long-gone delivery person.

Now, if you’re still undecided about membership and want to chew on it for a while, consider this: you can try it for free for 30-days. Yes, its free and all those perks we just described, can be used during Prime Day. If you still aren’t convinced that life with pets is so much easier as a Prime member, you just walk away – no commitment or cancel fee.

Ready to bite? It’s easy. Whether you’re looking for a new stash of catnip toys for Fluffy or feel its time to revisit your pooch’s Fall/Winter look with a new leash and harness, you’re working with over a million retailers who will be bringing literally hundreds of thousands of their best deals to your virtual door, so you can just sit, stay, and shop. If you’ve been thinking about a big-ticket purchase such as an electronic treat dispenser, or GPS tracking system for a pooch that wanders, now is the time to shop. In fact, the prices are slashed so deeply that they’ll rival anything you find on Black Friday and because new merchandise is constantly rotated in, you’re never short of options to choose from.

So, why wait till November? It’s time to join the most anticipated shopping event of the year and we’re here to help with some of our favorite deals.

BSeen LED Dog Collars: Save 73%

These safety collars will make walking in the dark a breeze, and help keep you and your pet safe at the same time. The tube glows with various colors of your choice, and at 73% off, you can buy all your favorites. It has a USB rechargeable port to keep it steady and ready to glow and if you want to add some pizazz, you can do so with the flash mode.

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Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain Free Dog Treats, Beef, 8-Ounce Bag: Save 35%

These yummy grain-free treats are really little biscuits with a meat marrow center and your dog will think they’re incredible. They’re full of protein but not much else, keeping with the belief that dogs thrive well on diets full of meat protein. Wellness uses high-quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation in all they do, and your dog (and you) reap the benefits.

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Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification Kit: Save 23%

Was 2020 the year your brought your rescue home but you’d love to know what he or she was genetically made up of? Then now is the time to buy Embark’s Dog DNA Test kit. It’s rarely on sale, and screens for over 350 dog breeds, types and varieties. It was developed in partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and it’s accurate to 5% of the total breed your dog is. If you ever decide you want to upgrade to get the genetic health report, you can do so without even needing another swab.

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goDog Checkers with Chew Guard Technology: Save 57%

It’s finally happening—pigs flying. It is 2020 and all, right? But we’re talking about these awesome Go Dog Checkers chew toys. Your doggo will have a blast tossing this piggy through the air but you won’t have to worry about him destroying it because the Chew Guard Technology and double-stitched seams make this plushie one for even the toughest chewers. The squeaker and Mylar crinkle make it irresistible and at 57% off, you can get a few for stocking stuffers for doggie friends too. Comes in large and small sizes.

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PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder Dog Feeder:  Save 40%

This WiFi-enabled, remote-controlled feeder means the end of, “Did anyone feed the cat (dog)?” If that’s a constant question in your house and your pets are frankly tired of having to sit by their bowls to give you subtle hints, they’re going to want you to take advantage of this 40% savings and buy this feeder. It will dispense food at the time you set it to do so (remotely) and that helps keep your pet fed on their schedule, even if you can’t be there. It can hold up to almost 6 pounds of dry dog food and keeps it fresh in a sealed food storage bucket and it’s easy to remove the bucket to clean and refill.

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iPrimio Dog and Cat Sling Carrier: Save 48%

Carry my best friend in cozy comfort and look adorable doing it? Yes, please. The iPrimio Dog and Cat Sling Carrier is nearly half off and it’s the perfect way to keep your small breed dog or cat with you wherever you go. The material is easy to clean and breathable for your pet’s comfort and can handle up to 12 pounds. Hands-free pet carrying keeps them feeling secure near you and you free to do whatever you need to do without worry.

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GALOPAR Halloween Cat Lion Mane Wig Costume: Save 57%

How great is it that Prime Day is right before Halloween this year? Super great if you were looking to make your doggo King of the jungle. We already know he’s king of your heart, but how can you resist this lion head costume at nearly 60% of? It’s adjustable around the dog’s head and can fit medium to larger dogs (Labs, Huskies, Goldens, Akitas). Whether it’s part of a Wizard of Oz ensemble (how cute would that be?) or just everyday wear because he can, it’s a steal.

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Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier: Save 65%

We can’t believe one of our all-time favorite pet carriers is on a sale like this. Sherpa is airline-approved and has a patented spring wire frame that lets the rear end of the carrier be pushed down to meat under-seat requirements for travel. The mesh windows offer ventilation and it has a top and side entry to make it easier for you to get your pet in and out. The faux lambskin liner is perfect for keeping your pet comfy and cozy.

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NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch: Save 50%

Hang around taking in the world on your very own hanging hammock? Yes, please…at least, that’s what we believe your cat will say when they see the Noyal Cat Resting Seat Perch. It’s made of breathable Oxford Cloth and will give your cat the opportunity to hang around looking at all the world go by in luxury and at 50% off? How can you say ‘No’?

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One Tigris Hoppy Camper Dog Pack: Save 66%

This doggy camper backpack is large enough to carry dog food, water, snacks, disposal abags and more and your dog will be so proud of himself for doing so. It’s ideal for taking your pup hiking or even on long trail walks and makes your doggo feel like a contributing family member on those adventures. And, at 66% off, you can afford to take lots of hikes.

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K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Small Dogs: Save 47%

It only takes one day over 32 degrees Fahrenheit for ticks to be out, and many vets will recommend flea and tick prevention year around for that reason. K9 Advantix is often the prevention of choice and now it’s nearly 50%, with no prescription needed. It makes year-round treatment less on the pocketbook for sure, and keeps your dog protected.

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Love’s Cabin Cat Bed: 60% off

We love these cat (and dog if your dog wants, because at this price, why not?) beds with their nest-like walls and soft down alternative filling. Cats love them because they feel supported and secure, and the shaggy fur reminds your kitty of mama cat and early days. You can throw the whole bed into the wash, making it super easy to keep clean and fresh. Perfect for cats (or dogs) up to 25 lbs.

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FLURFF Cat Toys Interactive: Save 70%

At 70% off, you can basically buy one of these for every room in your house and your cat will not know what to do with herself! With the push of a button a butterfly rotates in front of your cat, stimulating her to play and burn off some energy, and the non-slip base will keep your cat occupied and motivated without worry of getting hurt. Perfect for stocking stuffers too!

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Stellaire Chern Snuffle Mat: Save 62%

Have you wanted a way to engage your dog’s natural senses while he eats or plays? Then you need a snuffle mat and this one is a great deal at 62% off. It’s easy to use—you mix kibble and hide a few treats inside to get them interested and help offer some mental stimulation while you also appeal to their natural senses. It’s great for puppies and dogs who eat really fast too, as it slows them down and makes them ‘work’ for their food—which is what they’ve done as a breed for generations.

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Pecute Dog Bed, Warm Plush & Cool Silk Double-Sided Pet Bed: Save 57%

This double-sided dog bed will keep your pup comfy in any temperature with its double-sided fabrics. One is corduroy for plush, warm comfort in fall and winter and the other is a smooth and cool silk that feels great during the spring and summer. It’s machine washable and is nearly 60% off—a great time to freshen your doggo’s sleeping arrangements, don’t you think?

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PUPTECK Checkered Frills Soft Mesh Dog Vest Harness: Save 60%

Looking to give your girl a new harness that lets her show her sass and keep safe and comfy at the same time? The PupTeck Checkered Frills Soft mesh harness does the job in its breathable air-mesh fabric. It’s lightweight and easy to put on with two heavy-duty D-rings for extra security for your girl. At 60% off, don’t you think she needs a new fashion accessory. (PS—she says she does!)

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Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toys: Save 76%

Hello fun for your kitty! This pack of tunnel toys includes one short and one long and they’re perfect for kittens to seniors and even your fat cats who like to play. They offer the enticement of a dangly toy, the curiosity of a tunnel and the safety of a pop-up so you won’t have to worry about your cat getting hurt while they’re running through and playing. Awesome in homes with two cats for them to play with each other.

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Handson Pet Grooming Gloves: Save 60%

You want to make the most of your grooming time, right? Then you need HandsOn’s grooming gloves! They help de-shed, get mats out, massage your pup (so he enjoys bath more) and remove excess hair and oil for a more effective grooming and an overall better experience for your pet and you during bath time. And at 60%, there’s no reason not to make life easier and more comfortable for you both, is there?

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Pecute Large Dog Nail Grinder: Save 42%

Taking care of your dog’s nails is one of the most important but difficult chores there is, but not with Pecute’s nail grinder. It’s ultra-quiet so it won’t scare your dog and gives you 2 different grinding heads and 4 ports sizes so you can make sure you’re getting just what you need to when giving your dog a nail trim. It’s fast, safe and at this price? A must-have.

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PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket Fleece: Save 54%

Why do we not want our pets on our blankets and furniture? They only want to be comfortable like we do. That’s why you need to go ahead and order a few of these PAWZ Blankets…they’re not just for the road and they’re definitely not just for dogs. At 54%, you can by a handful and make sure that your pets are comfy cozy in these upcoming fall and winter days. It’s machine washable and high-time they have their own blankies, don’t you think?

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