Art Has Gone To the Dogs (and Cats) in These Awesome Playing Cards

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These are pretty much the coolest cards ever. Not only do they show off the talent of artist John Littleboy and artwork, but they bring our favorite furry friends into the mix, too.

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The dog collection, called “Pack of Dogs,” shows off canine soldiers and ballerinas, along with troubadours in love, and scruffy, lovable dogs who can’t help but leave footprints behind.

Of course, the pack also includes a storyline of doggies doing what they do best… digging holes!
But what tickles my funny bone the most are the face cards… I mean that Jack of Diamonds and King of Hearts! I can’t take the cuteness! John Littleboy's pack of dogs cards are the cat's meow!

Littleboy’s Kitten Club card collection is also the cat’s meow!John Littleboy's Kitten Club Cards are adorable!

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His feline face cards portray the aristocratic regality that all cats like to maintain…
Face cards in this Kitten Club Pack show cats at their regal best
Mostly, that is…they also show us that cats are funny creatures who are way more human than they are often given credit!

JOhn Littleboy's Cats in his card deck are full of whimsy and fun

The Pack of Dogs cards are being sold on Artiphany and are in crazy demand, so if you want them you should get over there as soon as your paws will take you. If cats are more to your liking, shuffle things up with the Kitten Club pack – and every hand with be a great deal!

[Source: Bored Panda]