Wellness Pets Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore With Interactive Art Ex

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Sponsored by Wellness Pet Food to commemorate its 10th year in Singapore, check out this interactive art exhibit for pets!

Wellness Pet Food is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being in Singapore with a one-of-a-kind art exhibit that is specifically tailored to dogs and cats.

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The exhibit is named “PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness,” and is the first to be designed to foster positive art appreciation for pets and their parents as they meander through the exhibit. The art installations are will inspire and stimulate your pets with experiential play, and give you a good laugh and some enjoyment in the process.

Local artists created the installations based on the guidance of Wellness’s in-house veterinarians and pet behaviorists so that they are top-notch holistic opportunities for safe, interactive engagement. Pet parents will be able to bond more with their fur-babies as they walk through the art displays together.

Wellness will bring to light their purpose of offering pet parents opportunities that focus on optimal pet health–which they believe is founded by wholesome nutrition. They hope their exhibit reiterates their commitment to a pet’s total well-being.

Doggo parents will be able to watch their pups take a magic carpet ride in the “A Whole New World” exhibit by Mighty Yellow/Adeline Tan. The exhibit is inspired by the movie Aladdin and will give the dogs the illusion of flying through clouds, hearing the song, “A Whole New World,” in a frequency that only dogs will be able to hear!

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Meanwhile, kittehs will delight in the “In the Cat’s Belly,” exhibit by Kelly Limerick. Limerick has created a giant cat, in which cats will enter and go to four different, themed rooms. The rooms will have things to arouse the cat’s imagination, like yarn and catnip, and cat parents will be able to wave the ‘tail’ of the cat as a wand when your cat regally leaves the giant cat’s stomach!

The exhibit takes place in Singapore from September 30-October 8, and if you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss it!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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