Biden Rescue Pooch Gets V(I)P Treatment On Air Force Two

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
Talk about a new leash on life! From the streets of Mississippi to the chambers of Air Force Two, this rescue dog is definitely living the high life with the VP’s family.

We love a story with a happy ending, especially when it comes just in time for the holidays. When it involves those in the public eye helping out an animal in need, it’s even better.

Peggy, an adorable 9-month-old Labrador mix, was originally recused from the streets of Mississippi by Barb Mauller, who runs a small animal rescue operation from her home. She also regularly makes the 1,500 mile drive to Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals to deliver her rescues because it’s much easier to place them there than in Mississippi.

It was in Nantucket that serendipity struck and Peggy’s life was changed forever. Peggy’s foster mom took her for a walk in downtown Nantucket the Friday after Thanksgiving and was stopped in the street by a family that took a shine to the pooch, who happened to be sporting an ‘Adopt Me’ scarf at the time. Little did anyone know that the family in question was Beau Biden (son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden), his wife Hallie and children Hunter and Natalie.

The family showed up at the shelter the following morning to adopt Peggy, though nobody knew who they were until they filled out the adoption application. The Bidens, originally from Delaware, traditionally spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket as a family.

The Biden family, who have re-christened their rescue pup Indi, already have one yellow Lab at home named Liberty. When they left Nantucket to fly home at the end of the holiday weekend, Indi went along. Of course, they weren’t just flying in any old plane — they were flying home on grandpa Joe Biden’s official vice presidential aircraft, Air Force Two (not bad for a rescue pup from the streets of Mississippi, huh?).

Shelter workers came to the airport to see Indi and her new family off, and were surprised to be greeted by the VP on the tarmac.

“I thought it was pretty cool that the Bidens were the ones who adopted her,” said Mauller, Indi’s Mississippi rescuer. “But I think it’s just wonderful that people open their hearts and homes to these dogs.”

We wish the Biden family, Liberty and new addition Indi a happy holiday as they begin their life together in Delaware!

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Christina Peden
Christina Peden

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