Boise State Football Team Has It’s Own Tee Retriever

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Kohl is no ordinary labrador. This dog an interesting career and he’s amazing at it, capturing the hearts of Boise State and the rest of the world too!

So what does Kohl do that is so special? He’s a tee retrieving dog. He collects the kick off tee at the start of every Boise State home game at Albertson Stadium.

Kohl is no new dog on the sporting block though. He has also been working as a bat retriever for the Boise Hawks since 2015. He certainly has a lot of talents!

Kohl is brilliant with people, he loves strangers and all the noise of the stadium doesn’t put him off his work. This is all pretty surprising when you get to know a little about his history.

Kohl was adopted by Britta Closson three years ago. When she got him, he was in poor health. He was skinny and had ear infections. He was also very nervous. If anyone went to stroke him, he would run away in fear. With lots of patience and hard work, Britta managed to help Kohl build up his confidence and learn to trust. She’s certainly done an amazing job!

[Source: Boise State Public Radio]