Bored Sportscaster Hilariously Commentates on Dogs Playing in Park

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
COVID-19 is affecting every facet of life–sports included. And with no sports, sportscasters find themselves without much to comment on. One brilliant British sports announcer has found a way to make lemonade out of life’s lemons, and his hilarious commentaries are the smiles we need these days!

Life is difficult for most of us right now. The world seems upside down and many people find themselves in completely different life scenes than they were just a few weeks ago.

Such is the case for British freelance rugby commentator and podcaster Nick Heath. With rugby (and all sports, really) being canceled, there’s not much for him to analyze and comment on right now.

But that’s not stopping this innovative and creative sports announcer from making a big pitcher of hilarious lemonade out of the lemons life’s throwing right now.

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No, Heath has gone viral with some hilarious videos of him simply covering his daily life in London. He’s walking around his neighborhood and filming clips of people living live. Tagging the play-by-plays as he’s giving live coverage to things like grocery shopping….

Middle Class Arena. LIVE.

— Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) March 18, 2020

Moms walking babies…

International 4×4 Pushchair Formation Final. Live.

— Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) March 17, 2020

Sports games on the fly…

Keepy Uppy Academy Finals

— Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) March 23, 2020

People looking for people…

Find A Brunette A Seat With The Blonde Girls Qualifier.

Getting tenuous now.

— Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) March 18, 2020

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And our personal favorite, dog racing. No fears, though, it’s really just two pups frolicking in the park.


— Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) March 21, 2020

The ‘dog race’ has already gone viral, with nearly a million views.

Give them a listen, you’ll know why. And, you may even wonder why this hasn’t been a thing already before it became a near-necessity!

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