Bottom’s Up! Pour Your Pooch a Cold Bottom Sniffer Brew

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Bet your bottom dollar that you’ve never heard of Bottom Sniffer Brew, a new non-alcohol beer that’s just for dogs.

So, you’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is come home, pop open a cold one, and hang with your dog, right? Obvs.

But don’t you feel sort of bad imbibing when Fido sits there, looking longingly? (Because dogs think everything we eat and drink is awesome!) Well, there’s no more need for guilt! The Woof and Brew Shop, based in the UK, has brewed up a batch of doggy beer that’s bound to have your dog howling country songs and reciting his alphabet backwards in no time.

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Just kidding. (And would you really want your dog to do that anyway?) No, Bottom Sniffer Brew will NOT get your dog drunk… there’s no alcohol… but it’s full of some of the most exquisitely palatable dog flavors, such as dandelion, chicken flavoring and burdock. Burdock is an herb that dogs find delicious, and actually acts as a detoxifier in dogs. Yeah, we catch the irony there too!

And here’s the best part…your dog will feel like the coolest pooch on the block, bro, AND he’ll have the best smelling (to dogs, that is) tail in town. Yep, not only does Bottom Sniffer (sort of) guarantee that their brew will bring all the bitches to the yard, their scientifically proven-to-be-delicious blend (their website says nine out of ten dogs they gave it to lapped it up happily!) also gives the residual flatulence Fido has an even stronger, more sexy odor. (Okay, maybe not more sexy, but hey, that’s why it’s called beer-goggling sniffing!) Picture it…taking your dog out for a walk to check pee-mail and Bottom Sniffer has given him that little something extra that makes all the other dogs begging to have their noses rubbed in it.

What’s not to love?

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The folks at Whiff and Brew realize that peddling brewskis for dogs also comes with responsibility, so they advise that you’d treat their Bottom Sniffers as the treats they are–consumption in moderation, as with any other ‘adult’ beverage. More than one a day may give your dog an upset tummy (or make him drunk dial exes?) so be sure that you don’t let your dog overindulge.

While the Bottom Sniffer is brewed and mostly sold in the UK, you can get the deserving dog in your life a four-pack for $16.89 at Firebox. Try not to pee your pants when you are reading their description!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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