Breaking News Confirmed: Pet Popularity Determined by Covert Committee!

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In the last 50 years or so, the popularity of pets is on a steady rise: we now consider them a part of the family, spend more than ever on toys, food and gadget for out furballs, and even include them in our estate. Now it turns out that this fantastic progress is not our doing- it’s the work of a top secret organization.

For years, they’ve kept pets trending and used pop culture to improve the public’s perception of four-legged companions. They are the Committee for the Rapid Advancement of Pets, a division of Pets Add Life, and here is the exclusive scoop on these furry influencers from the shadow:

Judy Rothstein, Committee Chaircat

She might have started as an outdoor cat, but today, she has the title of "Most Powerful Cat in America."

Named “Most Powerful Cat in America,” Judy claims her beginnings as an outdoor cat were what drove her to become one of the key players in global pet policy.

Gwendolyn Johnson, Director – Public Relations

As a former show dog and collar model, Gwen fits right in the world of public relations.

As a former show dog and collar model turned PR, Gwen is one of the top dogs in the industry. She also loves chicken treats and visiting art exhibitions.

Jayla Brown, Director – Media Strategy

She might secretly believe in reptilians, but this bearded dragon is one capable strategist.

Jayla’s official job is to improve the perception of pets in public, but, as she likes to say, what she really does is keeping the mammals from screwing everything up.

Bronson Lee, Director – Analytics

A sushi chef with numbers—he takes raw data and make it amazing

Getting through oceans of data is no easy task, but when you’re a fighter like Bronson, the complexities and difficulties of the job are precisely what makes it so exciting.

Sung Gabrieli, Director – Creative

This avian knows how to appreciate the beautiful things in life!

Not everyone can see beauty in little things, but Sung’s bird eye’s view allows her to see that everything around her is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Harold Pohn, Director – Social Media

If Justin Beiber, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg had a baby, it would be him.

In dog years, Harold is a millennial- like two startups under his belt and a hipster bowtie weren’t enough of a clue.

Gerry, Project Manager

A rodent of few words, Gerry is tight-lipped about his role in the project. One can only imagine it involves a lot of running in circles.

Talking animals and secret organizations got you confused? Everything you’ve seen here is an adorable project of Pets Add Life (PAL), a non-profit PSA campaign with the goal to promote responsible pet ownership, and all the joys and wonders that come with having an animal companion in your life. Make sure to take a look at their website, and maybe find a PR or a project manager to adopt!