Bride Rejects Marriage Proposal Because Groom Hates Dogs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Girl’s got her priorities right! You never dump your furry BFF for a man! A woman is offered an arranged marriage proposal, with the ultimatum that she gives up her dog.

Karishma Walia, originally of Bangalore, is an analyst with Deloitte India and based in Gurgaon, just southwest of New Delhi, India. Oh, and she’s our new hero!

Walia was considering arranged marriage situations orchestrated by her parents, as is not uncommon in India, and came upon quite a ‘gem’ who decided it was him or her dog.

(Spoiler alert. He lost.)

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Turns out this eligible bachelor, who asked her to be his wife and was described by Walia’s mom as perfect for her because he was good-looking and well-off, had a ‘bone’ of contention with Walia’s adorable pup, Lucy, and it was enough for Walia to say, “No!” to the dress. And the ring. And the proposal. And everything about him! (Prince Charming’s the text bubble in white below.)

Yes. She was serious! Walia was not willing to give her dog up for ANYONE, and still?

The guy just kept pushing…forgive me as I snort out loud at his newspaper clipping he shares with her to convince her she’s making a biiiiiiiiig mistake!

Please marry the dog in that case? Did he really go there?

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Obviously, as any pet-owner knows, our furbabies are part of the family, and giving them up simply to marry someone barely known is just.not.sane. Karishma had a few earlier flags that this might not be a love connection, such as her intended-to-be telling her that family should be priority, not career. (So, since pets are family, we’re not sure why he had a hard time understanding her issues, but we digress…) The final straw for her was his insistence that she find a new home for Lucy, as that wasn’t happening for anyone.

And look at Lucy! Isn’t she the cutest thing? She has her own Facebook page, and we bet that with all this publicity for her mom’s inspiring stance against those who’d come between a dog and its human, her page may get just a bit more popular!

As for Romeo No-Ruff? Well, all we can do is echo his words… It was Karishma’s call to choose him or Lucy.

Karishma, you couldn’t have picked better!
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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