Couple Says I Do to 1,000 Feline Wedding Guests

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
A Montreal couple foregoes the traditional big wedding and instead, decides to have a ceremony surrounded by residents of The Cat House.

Let’s face it: getting married is a huge headache. Between keeping up with your already-busy schedule, choosing floral arrangements and booking a venue, dealing with your guests, and worrying whether you’ll have enough space are par for the course.

It’s for that reason (and a few others) a Canadian couple traveled south to California to become the first couple to wed at The Cat House on the Kings, a 12-acre plot of land surrounded by a cat-proof fence. The dream wedding had no altar, no pews and no guests…. just a thousand of their closest cat friends.

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The Cat House shelter was built in the 1990s and is considered to be the largest cat sanctuaries in the United States. It is a no-cage, no-kill shelter run by volunteers that houses over 1,000 cats. Since opening about 20 years ago, it has saved more than 24,000 cats, 7,000 dogs and has spayed/neutered over 40,000 animals!

The couple who decided to say their vows at The Cat House are Louise Veronneau and Dominic Husson, two devout animal whose relationship was founded on common principals and a powerful mutual interest for cats!

Three years ago, Veronneau visited the shelter for the first time and fell in love with the animals, the volunteers and the mission. Later, when she was struck by the idea to be married at that shelter, she asked owner and founder Lynea Lattanzio to be the officiant of their wedding.

“I was afraid I would make a mess and screw it up . . . you know, forget my lines,” Lattanzio told ABC 30 Action News. But eventually, the couple convinced her to become ordained.

Lattanzio converted her 4,200-square-foot home into a kitty sanctuary and moved into a trailer on her property. She reportedly cashed in her entire retirement savings after she learned that nearby shelters euthanize cats that went unadopted.

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“They’ve got this house. They’ve got 12 acres. They can climb a tree. They can go sit in the sun outside,” Lattanzio told the Associated Press in April.

The couple traveled over 3,000 miles from Montreal to California and when the day finally came, the cats were happy to participate. One orange cat slept peacefully on Veronneau’s full wedding gown, while another crawled into her lap. Another climbed up onto the groom’s arm.

“One white kitty even followed the bride as she walked from the Senior House down to the bench by the river where they were married,” Harvie Schreiber, a volunteer with The Cat House of the Kings, told Meow.

In the end, the two successfully carried out their dream of being married in a place surrounded by the animals they love: cats. And while we can’t ask the cats how they felt about the wedding, we’re sure they were happy for the sit-down, 7-course meal and catnip bonbonnieres. We hope the couple registered for lots of dead birds!

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