Canine “Kitten Nanny” Hits An Adorable Milestone

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Some dogs just naturally gravitate to cats. A Golden Retriever mix from Phoenix, Arizona has taken that love for kittens to a new level as he’s just ‘nannied’ his 350th rescue kitten!

There were sad, sad stories to come in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, many involving animals who were left stranded in the extreme conditions. One Golden Retriever chow mix named Boots fell victim to the horrific conditions that Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans in.

When he was found and rescued, Boots was deep in floodwaters and the fact that he was still standing was a miracle–the padding on his paws was almost gone. The Arizona shelter worker who found her took her back to Phoenix and nursed him back to health, which is where shelter volunteer Susan Juergensen saw him and fell in love at first sight.

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Susan adopted Boots and immediately knew she was a special dog. People ask her if she trained him to be so compassionate and loving, and she just smiles and says he came to her just as he was–and that compassion was a trait they shared. Boots, ever the gentleman, has been paying the kindness the rescue workers showed to him forward, and has been called the “Kitten Nanny” at the Arizona shelter where he volunteers with Susan.

Boots socializes kittens in preparation for them to be adopted to homes that may have dogs. He exhibits the patience of a saint as the kittens climb all over him like he’s a canine jungle gym, and has done so for the last several years. He is a consistent regular volunteer in the shelter’s kitten nursery, and about once a week, he helps socialize kittens by being a good old boy who lets them know dogs can be friendly and gentlemanly. Doing this allows the kittens to be more adaptable and adoptable, and Boots has hit a milestone with his 350th ‘nannied’ kitten.

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Jurgensen has even written a book about this amazing and special dog, titled, “ Boots: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny,” and Boots even travels across the country teaching children about compassion, kindness and resilience.

Pretty much exactly what this sweet old boy epitomizes!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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