Carrie Fisher’s Beloved French Bulldog Mourns Her Death

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Carrie Fisher, also known to many around the world as ‘Princess Leia,’ passed away suddenly, followed one day after by her mother Debbie Reynolds. Fans worldwide are mourning these losses, but perhaps none so much as Carrie’s furry family member, a French Bulldog named Gary Fisher.

Carrie Fisher was an international icon. She’s known most famously as ‘Princess Leia’ in the Star Wars empire, but in her later years, became well-known for her advocacy for mental health and women’s issues. And, as she traveled and raised awareness for various causes she supported, there was always one little traveler by her side.

Her therapy dog, French Bulldog Gary Fisher.

In an interview with NPR several years ago, Carrie shared that while she did not specifically get Gary to be a therapy dog, he clearly was to her as she suffered with often times debilitating bipolar disorder. She had Gary certified to be her therapy dog because she said he was her heart and calmed her down in all her anxious moments.

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Rarely was Fisher ever photographed without Gary, and Gary even joined the ranks of other celebrity dogs with his own insta and twitter accounts (though run by fans dedicated to Carrie and Gary, Carrie would often share ‘Gary’s’ tweets on her own personal social media sites and even told Good Morning America that Gary was, “Very famous on Twitter!”). In fact, two heartbreaking tweets from ‘Gary’s’ page have gone viral in the wake of losing Gary’s mama…one from before Carrie died, and one after….

Tributes to Carrie and condolences to and for Gary have been pouring in, and the world’s concern for this little guy who clearly is heartbroken his human is gone. Adopted from what Fisher called a sad pet store/puppy mill situation four years ago, Gary has already seen his share of trauma. His compassion and empathy and overwhelming dedication to his Mama through the years probably stems from those early days, and his gratitude for the rescued life he lived after Carrie adopted him.

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Thankfully, Gary’s human sister (and actress daughter of Carrie) Billie Lourd, who has her own famous bulldog, Tina, has guardianship over Gary, and will take the best of care of him. In the days before Carrie’s death, Billie took Gary to the hospital to see his Mama, and we know that he will be a special gift to Lourd in the upcoming days as they grieve their losses together.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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