Chelsea Dog Walker Makes His Neighborhood Dogs Insta-Famous

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Tony Sweet was a truck driver twenty years ago. He realized he was looking for something more fulfilling and decided to slowly start off a dog walking business, taking one dog at a time on a leisurely stroll.

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Now, though, he’s moved up significantly in the number of dogs he walks, often trucking around with a pack of up to 15 dogs, and he couldn’t be happier.

He and his pack are so well-grouped and cohesive, he is often stopped on the streets of his Chelsea, New York neighborhood so people can take pictures of him and his dogs.

Sweet says that as more people saw him with more dogs, he got busier and busier and he began enjoying documenting the travels he and his clients have on his Instagram account. He has over 1,800 followers who watch the adventures he and the dogs go on through their hood, and he has incredible talent when it comes to his pups posing pretty for pictures.

Sweet says the pups’ owners love seeing their dogs’ walks chronicled on his account. He lived in Chelsea for about 25 years before he moved to New Jersey three months ago, but he still is the most popular dog-friend in Chelsea as that’s where his clients still share how wonderful he is and his business continues to grow.

Sweet is known for some of his unconventional dog walks, sometimes even biking with dogs by his side. He knows that when he has high-energy dogs, he makes it worth their while to ‘walk’ with him, and his clients love his individual focus when it comes to their dogs.

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He likes to make every day different for his dogs, and he says that he just loves dogs. He takes them wherever the wind blows, and says it is awesome.

Clearly his dogs think so, too.