Coming Soon: Beetl, The Poop-Picking Robot

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We love our dogs. SO much so that we’re willing to follow behind them and pick up their crap. Literally. So how excited are we that Beetl Robotics has a robot that will pick up your dog’s poop in your yard in the works? (Spoiler: VERY excited!)

The worst part of dog ownership is the crappiest. Yes, it’s picking up after their poop. Or at least it should be–if you’re being a good human and picking up your dog’s poop that is.

Still, it’s a job no one really relishes. (And we’re sort of worried if they do.)

That’s why we are super excited about a new Roomba-esque robot created by and named Beetl that will roam your yard looking for the dropped deuces and scoop them up for you. Like magic.

Or, at the very least, like a modern-day (it is electronic, after all) Dog Poop Hunter.

That’s right! The Beetl will go roving about your yard, looking for perilous piles of poop and then scooping it up as if it’s its job. Well, it IS its job, actually, and the super claw picks poop up so you don’t have to. It uses high-tech computer vision and a camera to roam your dog’s territory and seek out and destroy poop!

Image: Beetl Robotics

According to Beetl Robotics, there are 35 million households in the United States that have dogs and backyards in which dogs poop. Beetl Robotics knows that’s a lot of poop that needs scooping, and since it’s a job no one jumps at? They created a computer vision-enabled robot to do the job for us. And all the dog parents start clapping.

Similar to robotic vacuums, the Beetl will use preset boundaries to go roaming and hunting…and you won’t have to lift a finger!

How does this sorcery work? The Beetle will simply find a pile of poop, claw it up and put it in a container you toss out when full. It’s battery-powered and will charge itself if it is about to run out of juice.

It’s definitely more than just the smartest pooper scooper ever as it will not stop until it finds all the poop and scoops. It also connects to a cloud-based server to continue educating itself on how to best pick up poop.

Yeah, so when was the last time YOU took a webinar on how to best pick up poop? Exactly.

The end goal of the Beetl is to be able to poop-hunt and mow your lawn as well. Could it be? A mower that powers through poop too? It could.

Just not yet, though. Womp womp. The sad news is that Beetl Robotics hasn’t set the launch date for coming to market, so you’ll have to do the crap work yourself for a bit longer.

But it’s coming, and we’re here for it. And so are our lawns!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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