Coming This Fall: “SAVE Our SHELTER” Launches On The CW Network

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton
Here’s the best reason ever to skip Saturday morning cartoons! DOG for DOG brings you a caffeinated dose of inspiration and passion with SAVE our SHELTER TV series.

This fall, Saturday mornings get a whole lot more aww-inspiring! Dog food company DOG for DOG, a mission-driven manufacturer committed to giving back, joined forces with Litton Entertainment to create “SAVE our SHELTER” on The CW. Television watchers will follow DOG for DOG’s Rocky Kanaka and renovation specialist Rob North as they travel the country revitalizing animal shelters and rescue facilities.

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Here’s how DOG for DOG works: Any time a dog food or treat purchase is made, the company donates an equal amount to a dog in need. With every purchase, the company works to fulfill its mission to feed dogs in rescues and shelters. It’s been a tremendously successful program for them, and now, with “SAVE our SHELTER,” they’re turning toward ending pet homelessness.

During an episode, Rocky and Rob involve community volunteers, along with industry experts and local contractors, to revitalize the shelter or rescue. Their aim? To end pet homelessness! Throughout an episode, at each shelter or rescue, they work to save more lives by creating a happy, healthy environment for the animals while increasing adoptions.

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Spoiler alert: The end of every episode features at least one—sometimes more—animals being adopted out into a loving home!

Every Saturday morning, The CW hosts five hours of programming aimed at inspiring young people. “SAVE our SHELTER” joins that lineup on October 3, 2015.

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton

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