Corgi Realtor Sells Your Home On Treat Commission [Video]

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The real estate market is competitive –how do you reach  people who are interested in buying your home? Well, for starters, you could hire a Corgi to do it. Yep, that’ll get home buyers to sit up and take notice!

If you’re looking to settle down in San Francisco, why not drop by 44 Sanchez Street for a furry open house? Sure, it may have a beautifully redesigned kitchen, three bedrooms, and period details, but more importantly… CORGIS! You know there’s going to be a bidding war when Corgi realtors are involved.

It’s a dog-eat-dog housing market out there… so don’t be afraid to be cute when putting in your offer. Watch the video below and prepare to whip your checkbook out. Make it payable to “Treats and Squeaky Toys” please.