Could Music Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
Music to soothe the anxious beast… for when your dog is home alone.

Research has already shown that classical music is calming for dogs. Now, a Grammy-winning musician is teaming up with a new dog-centric TV channel in the hopes that they can create a soothing home-alone experience for latchkey pooches.

We all hate leaving our canine companions home alone.

If we could bring our dogs to work every day here at the PetGuide offices, believe us, we would. You can also believe us when we say that no computer cable would go un-chewed and no co-workers’ lunch would go un-snatched (from right off their desks) if our pooches had their way.

So alas, they stay at home while we’re working, as most doggies do.

But still — don’t you wish there was a way to keep them happy and calm until you get home? With 12 million dogs in America suffering from separation anxiety, we sure do!

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Well, that’s exactly what DogTV, a new channel specifically targeted to dogs, is hoping to accomplish.

DogTV has also found an unlikely partner in Andrew Dost, pianist for the Grammy award-winning band FUN (“We Are Young”). Dost has signed on to compose music for the dogs who tune into programming on DogTV, with an aim towards creating relaxing tunes to sooth your pup while you’re gone.

The songs, which incorporate actual dog panting noises and the sound of pooches running through snow, have a classical, mostly keyboard-based (with a little harp and vibraphone thrown in for good measure) sound to them. DogTV even researched and produced guidelines for Dost so he’d know how to compose dog-friendly tunes.

Having listened to the songs ourselves, we’ve gotta say: They’re pretty darned relaxing. In fact, we’re feeling … very … sleepy…

Uhhh, just kidding — we think. But if you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, this might just be a good place to start.

To learn more about DogTV and the creative process behind Dost’s songs for pooches, check out the story from ABC News below.

[Source: ABC News]

Christina Peden
Christina Peden

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