Day 5: Bidding You A Furry Farewell

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I mustache you a question… does this mustache make my butt look fat?

Day 5

I’m making the rounds, letting everyone give me a final pet. As you can tell, I feel quite comfortable just bein’ myself around my peeps. My mom says that everyone in the office never greets her this way. I feel kinda bad for her!

Day 5 1

Poor Klaudia – she’s beside herself with grief saying goodbye. Don’t worry, I let her cry on my furry shoulder, and then we hugged it out.

Day 5 2

It’s Oscar the Grouch and Oscar the Furry. No relation.

Day 5 3

I don’t always come into the office, but when I do, I will sit on your feet until you pet me.

Main-Day 5

Look – a human puppy! This one’s name is Zack. Apparently, it was his last day of school. Wait a woof – is it “Take Your Human Puppy To Work” day, too?

Day 5 5

And… I’m calling it a day. It’s best to leave PetGuide in the hands of professionals. But if you can’t find one, my mom Amy will do – she seems to know what she’s doing.

Day 5 6

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