Dog Finds Out That Eating 21 Pacifiers Really Sucks

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A veterinarian removed 21 from a dog’s stomach, and posted the pictures on Facebook to remind pet parents of the dangers about dogs eating just about anything!

My puppy is 10-months-old. She is crate-trained, which means she stays in her crate while we are gone because she has a penchant for getting into things while we are gone. Socks, slippers and washcloths are her favorites, and we are often having to tell her to “Drop It” when doing laundry. She’s sneaky, though, and it’s a constant battle to make sure she doesn’t eat something she shouldn’t.

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Like, say, for example, 21 pacifiers! Yes! A family pet in Oklahoma was brought in to his local vet’s office because he’d been vomiting for several days and wasn’t eating too much.

According to the Facebook post from the veterinarian at Gentle Care Animal Hospital, Dovey was brought in and x-rays showed he had a handful (read: 7-9!) of pacifiers lodged in his stomach. His pet parents thought that might have been the case, as they finally caught Dovey swiping a paci off the counter. There was a new baby in the house, and apparently, Dovey was feeling a little neglected!

When the Dr. Chris Rispoli went in to surgically remove what they expected to be a few pacifiers, they were shocked to find that Dovey had successfully hidden 21 pacifiers in his stomach. The four-year-old Shar-Pei recovered just fine and has already gone home, but in the meantime, the vet’s office posted the x-ray and shared that that was the craziest surgery Dr. Rispoli had done in 20 years of vet care.

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Rispoli shared in his post that pet parents need to be constantly watching their dogs, as they’ll eat just about anything at any age.

Hmmm…think we will be keeping our crate training going on for a bit longer!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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