Dog Movie Theater Opens In Texas

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Is there anything better than watching a good movie with your best bud? Now, a new theater in Plano, Texas answers that question for you, allowing humans to bring their furry friends with them to the movies!

Let’s just be honest. The only thing that makes that latest and greatest cinematic masterpiece not perfect is that your furry best friend isn’t there all snug and cozy with you while you’re watching, right?

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If you’re near Plano, Texas, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore! Eric Lankford has founded K9 Cinemas–the perfect place for you and your pooch to take in a movie. K9 Cinemas will let you and two furry dates (the four-legged kind is what we’re talking about!) sit side by side and watch a show.

The theater is a semi-permanent feature/structure right now–with a big screen, padded chairs and a concrete floor that makes cleanup of accidents much easier. Humans are responsible for such bathroom breaks and also need to make sure their ‘dates’ are current on shots so as to protect other movie-goers.

When you walk up to our concession stand – rest easy! EVERYTHING is $2. Name brand drinks, chips, candy, popcorn…

Posted by K9 Cinemas on Monday, 10 December 2018

Humans and their canine friends can buy snacks for both species, and enjoy classic movies while munching down. Home Alone and Elf are on the roster for the rest of this year, and Lankford says he’d like to open the theater every weekend in the new year.

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For now, it’s open on selected weekends, but in the new year, he can envision it being available for screenings every day. Lankford says even if no one shows up some days, he’s cool with that because he and his Australian Eskimo dog named Bear will take in a show together. Bear was the reason the theater was created, as Lankford says after adopting him, he realized that pets really are parts of families.

And what family member wants to miss out on movie theater fun? None we know!

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