Doggos Looking For Love On Tinder Want You To Swipe Right! [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Sometimes, it turns out that shelter dogs are just looking for love in all the wrong places. Animal Ark Rescue decided to make Tinder profiles for their lonely pooches in hopes of making a match.

Meet Henry.

He’s alllll about Netflix and Nuzzles and says you can call him a ‘good boy’ anytime you like!

Meet HENRY! This is a Happy-Go-Lucky guy. He was been waiting for a pack of his own for over 6 months. Henry LOVES other dogs and is a playgroup Rock STAR! He is always down for an adventure and loves to explore the great outdoors, go on a car rides, and get in the water. Henry has been on several sleep-overs and outings. He seems to be housebroken and gets along well with other dogs in the home. This social butterfly would love a home with other dogs and lots of toys to play with. Does he sound like the hound for you? Want to FOSTER or ADOPT Henry? Fill out an application online or stop by the shelter to meet him today!

Posted by Animal Ark Rescue on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Such is the Tinder profile his friends at Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus, Georgia, put on the dating app. Miranda Morrison is the canine behavior and enrichment coordinator for the shelter and she says that Henry is very special to her, saying he is her favorite dog at the shelter.

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Henry has been at the shelter for about three years, which, according to his profile is about 23-years-old in dog years. Morrison says that when looking to get Henry the perfect furever home, she decided he’d love to be taken on a nice long walk or have a swim-break after being picked up from the shelter. Detailing his perfect date, it would include dining on chicken nuggets or sweet potato fries for dinner, with a cozy little couch to binge on Netflix before falling happily to sleep.

She wants this life so badly for Henry, she took it upon herself to go out on a limb when it came to getting him adopted. He’s a little nervous around small children, and his sometimes barking at them isn’t an appealing trait for many looking for a ‘family’ dog.

But she knew that somewhere, the perfect match for Henry is out there, and where better to find him or her than on Tinder? Morrison was once a Tinder user before she was married and she says she thought she once matched with a pizza! If a pizza could find a match, she thought that surely Henry could.

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And so, she launched into the best of the best qualities Henry has…poet, cuddler, Netflix watcher…His profile went up on the 29th of December and he’s even had 14 matches. Morrison says that she thinks that those he’s matched with actually enjoy being matched with him and getting a message back.

Henry isn’t the only pet looking for a little love. LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta says that 22 of their dogs and cats are on Tinder as well, and there’s been a lot of interest in their pets. Karen Hirsch is the spokesperson for LifeLine and she says that people love having a pet pop up and they’ve even had an adoption inquiry as a result!

LifeLine Animal Project

Henry hasn’t found his perfect match yet, but Morrison believes in the power of love…and the Interwebs. She knows that he leaves his pawprint on the heart of every person he loves, so it’s just a matter of timing for that perfect one for him.

What about you? Swipe right!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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