Shelter Dogs Strike a Vogue Pose For Their Adoption Profiles

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
From the pound to the photography studio – you’ve come a long way, doggy. Photographer Tammy Swarek’s amazing work is helping shelter pets get noticed and adopted.

It’s common knowledge that every dog is a piece of art. Each one is unique and beautiful in their own way, there’s nothing not to love about these loving, kind, and gentle creatures. Too often, shelter animals are overlooked due to the way they look or their “rescued” title. One artist and photographer, Tammy Swarek, aims to get these stars into the limelight by creating beautiful unique portraits of them and sharing their stories. Her models were discovered at Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS). Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia and has gotten many animals their forever homes.

Here’s a sampling of her work and the creative bios that go along with them:

Ms Wesson

Ms Wesson is a beautiful 6-month-old puppy who was dumped on Wesson Road with her sister. In her unique portrait, she represented as the true princess she really is. She is playful, loving, and needs a home. She ca be found at UCAPS in El Dorado.

General Patton

General Patton is more than just a handsome face, he’s a pup with a story to tell. This poor dog came from a very abusive house and was found with his too-small collar embedded in his neck. He was emaciated and needed emergency veterinary care. Now, thanks to Swarek, he’s been featured in Vogue.


Opal was found abandoned with her tiny sister in a Home Depot Parking lot. The Blue Heeler mix is only three months old, and this portrait shows off her soulful eyes and gorgeous colouring. Every pup is a masterpiece, but Opal is really something special.


Look-alike for his Disney moniker, Tramp is a delightful dog who got to have a forever home thanks to this stunning portrait. His little bowtie makes him look adorably dapper, what a heartbreaker!


Kong is as outgoing as they come. Seen here in a button-down and casual jean jacket, he pulls off the effortlessly cool look. The two year old is making waves in the fashion industry, and his shelter experience is soon to be a thing of the past. Too cute!

More of these amazing photographs can be found on Tammy’s Facebook Page.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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