Dogs Save Their Human’s Life After She Collapses From Stroke [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
As if we needed any more reason to think dog’s were (wo)man’s best friend? Two dogs in St. Augustine, Florida saved their human’s life by running to get help when she had a stroke and her security camera caught it all.

There’s a reason so many people call dogs a human’s best friend. Not only do they offer unwavering loving and loyal companionship, but they protect us.

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Think that’s just myth? Check out the security camera footage from a Florida woman whose dogs saved her life.

Maureen Hatcher had a stroke due to a blood clot and collapsed in her home, unable to get help. She has two Labrador retrievers, Bella and Sadie, and seeing Sadie, she begged her to go get help. Telling Sadie that “Mommy needs help,” Maureen says that they heard and went off.

They dashed out the door and caught the attention of a neighbor who saw them running and wondered what exactly was going on. The neighbor came to Maureen’s house, and tried to call for her. Feeling like something wasn’t right, she entered the house and was shocked to find Maureen on the floor. The neighbor called 911 and paramedics came to get Maureen to the hospital immediately.

Which is what saved her life. She’d had a deadly blood clot that caused a stroke, and the quick action of her dogs and the neighbor paying attention is what not just saved her life, but prevented permanent brain damage as well.

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The whole thing happened in December, but First Coast News released the security video from Hatcher’s Ring system, and it’s gone viral with people being amazed at the dogs commitment and Maureen’s survival.

For her part, she feels like it was a miraculous event as well, telling First Coast News that she’s lucky to even be alive, and owes it all to her girls.

Her very, very good girls.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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