Family Dog Saves 5-Year-Old Boy Trapped In Scalding Hot Dryer

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
In true Lassie-like fashion, a family’s pet Cockapoo saved a little boy in Northern Ireland after he was trapped in a dryer that turned on and nearly killed him.

A five-year-old little boy from Northern Ireland and his big brother were playing hide-and-go-seek while their mom was vacuuming another room. Typical scene from many homes all over the world, right? Except in this one, Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, decided the family’s clothes dryer would be the perfect hiding place… and so he climbed in and shut the door behind him. The dryer locked and automatically started, dangerously spinning Riley around and around.

Riley’s family pet Cockapoo Teddy knew something was not right and immediately went to alert Riley’s mom, Gillian Duffy. According to her, Teddy kept barking obnoxiously, and running in and out of the room as if he wanted her to and go and follow her. She wasn’t sure what was happening but then immediately wondered where Riley was and started feverishly hunting for him. She asked Riley’s brother Freddie where he was, and Freddie replied he did not know.

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Still, Teddy kept barking and running frantically in front of the dyer. It was running, but dark inside, and so Gillian did not instantly see that Riley was trapped. Hearing banging and crashing coming from it, though, Freddie could see Riley’s iPad tumbling around inside and they immediately opened the door and pulled Riley out.

Once out, Riley’s mom poured cold water over him, as he had received several extensive burns, and then Riley’s dad, Aaron Duffy returned home less than a minute later. They stripped poor Riley and showered him with cold water while they waited for the emergency services they’d called to come and further treat Riley. Rile was rushed to the local hospital and was treated for burns and bruising to his head, but considering that Riley may have been in the dryer for a few minutes, the family is grateful that is the extent of his injury. Children have died when trapped in washers and dryers due to lack of oxygen, but that the dryer was on and heat made the fact that Riley is now doing well and didn’t die more miraculous.

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Riley’s parents cannot imagine what would have happened if Teddy hadn’t been there and hadn’t so heroically insisted that Riley’s mom investigate and save their boy immediately. Teddy has a history of alerting his family to danger–in just the last two months, he also alerted his family to an iPhone charger that caught on fire–and possibly saved the family home from burning down! They know that without Teddy, this situation with Riley would have had a far more tragic outcome, and they say that Teddy is a brilliant and amazing dog.

We agree! Good boy, Teddy! Good boy!

[Source: The Telegraph]

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