Why Are Dogs Turning Blue in Mumbai?

No, this isn’t some crazy Mumbai pet fashion trend. Unfortunately it is due to industrial waste in the Kasadi River.

Locals have been shocked to see blue stray dogs wandering the streets of Mumbai. They were obviously perplexed as to how this has happened but the answer came from scientists in the area.

Recent tests of the water in the Kasadi river showed a high level of contamination. The treatment of industrial waste entering the river is not adequate. Oxygen levels in the river are low, and chloride levels are high. Chloride is highly toxic so this is a very worrying situation.

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But why are dogs turning blue? Well it’s due to waste dye entering the river from local factories. The stray dogs like to wade in the river and so they are being affected by the dye. Several blue dogs have been spotted, so this isn’t an isolated problem. As yet the impact on wildlife such as river dwelling creatures and birds is not known.

An investigation is now underway to establish the full effect of the pollution. Hopefully the businesses that are contributing to this pollution will be made to change their processes and reduce the levels of pollution in the Kasadi river. The pollution control board are being brought in to act against these industries and bring about reform.

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Pollution of rivers and waterways is a big problem. In Mumbai it’s become obvious. Dogs simply don’t turn blue for no reason. But it is likely that industry is contributing to river pollution all over the world, and in many cases it is not so obvious. This can cause many serious issues, when people are drinking this water, and washing and bathing in it. Children play in rivers, but what hidden horrors are lurking within the waters potentially making us sick? You just don’t know.

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