Earn Wellcoin Points, Buy Shelter Dogs A Healthy Meal

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Now your healthy lifestyle can help hungry animals. With the Wellcoin app, log in your healthy choices and earn points that buy meals for shelter pets.

I love to multi-task. If I can be doing two things at once – or better still, three or four things at once – I’m a happy camper. So the thought of being able to feed shelter dogs while getting in my daily run or walk (depending on my mood), is right up my alley.

I think a lot of people think this way and happily, so do the folk at Wellcoin where it seems the creator of the World’s First Health Currency has teamed with natural pet food company Halo, Purely for Pets to enable you to deliver up to 15,000 free bowls of food for shelter animals while doing your daily workout routine.

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How it works? Firstly, it’s free! Yes, it costs you nadda. You sign up for a free account on wellcoin.com or download the free app. Talk about sweat equity, right? All work, no pay! Apparently the recently launched organization’s mission is to help North Americans lead healthier lives.

As a member you earn virtual currency by claiming and verifying that you have completed healthy activities throughout your workday. This currency can be used in the Wellcoin Marketplace for goods and services offered by local merchants and national brands. Over 70 merchant partners (including a lot of the really good ones!) such as Skechers, Reebok, Whole Foods Market, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and Pure Barre, have joined the Wellcoin Marketplace.

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Here is where the multi-tasking comes into play. You can generate a donation of 10 meals to hungry pooches and cats for just 1,000 Wellcoins – an amount that can be earned by logging healthy activities over just a few days. And these “healthy activities” don’t have to include marathons or mountain climbing; simply running, walking or eating a healthy meal will do the trick.

The unusual yet rewarding partnership between Wellcoin and Halo, Purely for Pets is a first-of-its-kind philanthropic partnership providing thousands of the organization’s members the ability to use their “currency” for good.

Just think, when you head out to the gym or enjoy that salad (versus burger with fries), your efforts will help feed shelter pets including those at SPCA of Westchester County (Westchester, NY), Humane Society of Central Oregon (Bend, OR), San Francisco Animal Care and Control (San Francisco, CA), Arizona Animal Welfare League (Phoenix, AZ) or ASPCA (New York, NY).

Wellcoin Founder, Glenn Laffel, MD, PhD says, “We think Wellcoin has enormous potential as a tool that enhances charitable giving. Not everyone can participate in charitable runs or walks that are held on specific days, but everyone does at least some healthy activities every day. Wellcoin can turn those healthy activities into donations.”

Okay, can you think of any better reason to strap on the runners and head out for a brisk one? The Wellcoin app is free to download on Google Play and iPhone.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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