Veterinarians Make FaceTime House Calls Using New “Vet On Demand”

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The next best thing to a vet coming to your house on-demand has to be the “Vet On Demand” app. When you’ve got a question that may not require a trip to the clinic, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Let’s be honest, our pets never get sick at a convenient time. I swear mine wait until a trip to emergency is the only option and the associated cost makes me think I’m going to have to sell a kidney.

What’s rough is that most of these situations aren’t actually life and death but in response to our little guys looking a little under the weather, having consumed something questionable, or developing a sudden limp. No one wants to ignore the signs but when the vet tells me Chico simply ate too many treats as he hands me a hefty bill, it becomes my bitter pill to swallow.

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The good news is that at long last, some compassionate soul has developed an ingenious solution to this dilemma. For just $25, subscribers to the new Vet on Demand tele-health service receive a 10-minute FaceTime consultation with an actual veterinarian. You read right! You can receive expert advice at fraction of the cost it takes to walk through your vet’s door.

For those likely to require multiple calls (think pet walkers and boarders or multi-pet households), you can even prepay for two, five or ten calls per month.

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Make no mistake, this does not replace the need to ensure regular check-ups for your pet or suggest you can ignore more serious warning signs; it just helps you deal with those small issues that have you seeking advice more specific than what Dr. Google can deliver.

The Vet on Demand Tele-Health app for Pets is available for iOS and Android devices and it’s the only app that offers its more than 10,000 users a real-time visual component for remote consultations. Better still, it is available 24/7, allows you to choose your preferred vet for future contact, and keeps a call history with notes as well as digital health records. Calls typically last no more than 10 minutes and they show an 85 percent success rate in terms of answering pet parent’s questions. Down the app at the iTunes store and Google Play.

Under the direction of Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Phil Baxter, the collective group of veterinarians currently represents 16 states but usage is available to all 50 states. The service enables veterinarians to strengthen relationships through increased contact with their current customers as well as increase their client base.

Founders Curt and Mason Revelette, along with investor David Lindsey (AmeriDoc founder), created Vet On Demand in May 2015 after their family dog became ill and were convinced that there had to be an easier way to get remote veterinary advice. Boys, I think you’ve done it!

You can learn more about the service as well as sign up for the service on the Vet On Demand website.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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