Earthquake Rescue Dog Gets Statue In Her Honor

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Last September, we told you about an amazing 7-year-old dog who stood out as a rescuer and beacon of hope after Mexico suffered devastating back-to-back earthquakes. Frida, now nine-years-old, and her trainer Israel Arauz Salinas bravely searched through the rubble of earthquakes that hit the Mexican state of Oaxaca and then Mexico City back-to-back, rescuing people and finding the bodies of others.

She was deployed by the Mexican Navy and became an icon as she walked through the devastation in her protective goggles and specialized booties just for her. She saved 12 people in the aftermath, and people worldwide sang her praises for the bravery and dedication to humans. She even won the Pages Llergo prize for her daring efforts.

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Now she is being honored permanently in the city of Puebla–a statue of her likeness, right down to the protective goggles she wore in rescue efforts.

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The statue was just unveiled and has a placard that honors her as a memorable symbol of the strength that Mexicans have when they unite for a greater cause. Arauz Salinas is also part of the bronzed honor. The statue resides at the Parque Ecologica in Puebla and will forever honor the sacrificial efforts of both Frida and Arauz Salinas.