Most Epic Dog Resume Ever Gets Dog Hired as Professional Best Friend

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Today’s job market forces us to put our best feet forward to get the dream job. Turns out that one pup had some human help putting her best paw forward with an adorable resume!

Resume writing is not for the weak. It’s hard to make yourself sound amazing, but not arrogant; competent but always ready to learn and grow. In fact, many turn to professional writers to help make them sound like the perfect candidate for the job.

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That’s exactly what went down for an adorable dog named Mowgli, who just so happened to be looking to fill the role of well…professional best friend. Mowgli, a mix of German Shepherd and Rwandan street dog, needed a new place to call home because his Mama Kelsey wanted him to have a more stable and consistent schedule than she’d been able to give him. Kelsey adopted Mowgli in Rwanda and she brought her back to America with her when Kelsey attended Graduate School. But Kelsey knew that Mowgli needed some stability, as she was in and out of the country for things with school and life–and didn’t want poor Mowgli to suffer the inconsistency.

Trying to entice her best friend Megan and Megan’s husband Scott to be ‘fosters’ for a longer-term situation, Kelsey put together a ‘resume’ for the couple, featuring the best points of bringing Mowgli into their home. Turns out Scott has some resume magic of his own, and helped Megan tweak the resume in order to show just how qualified Mowgli would be a professional best friend, and all it takes is one look at this resume to see that there’s clearly no dog better-qualified!

Honestly–who doesn’t want a Certified Beach Babe/Good Girl/Running Partner in a dog? Or a dog who can teach Borking? Y’all, that’s total talent! Obviously, the stunning good looks and loyalty are plusses, but we really find that the fact she was able to increase belly rubs by 30% shows her commitment to being the best dog ever is solid.

Megan tweeted the help that Scott gave and it went viral with people loving all of Mowgli’s special abilities to offer prospective humans, but in the end, it was obvious that Mowgli belonged with Megan and Scott–just how Kelsey was hoping it would be.

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Scott said that he loves dogs and memes and so it was super easy to pull from that love to make Mowgli the most appealing dog ever. And…when that dog is in your face? Who can say, “No!” to that? They sure couldn’t, and so Mowgli is now happily hired for their house, living the dream and about to head off to the Big Apple and take that town on. Minus cats, of course…because that’s the one negative on her resume–irreconcilable differences with a cat.

With the rest of the resume as it is, though? We can overlook that!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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