FBI Deems Animal Cruelty A Top Tier Crime

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Its new designation as a “top tier” crime makes it easier to prosecute crimes and seek out animal abusers.

It’s been deemed a crime against society and is now ranked up there alongside arson, burglary, kidnapping and homicide by the FBI. It’s animal cruelty, and naming it to the list of top tier crimes is expected to expose animal abusers and boost the power given to prosecutors to deliver justice to the victims who can’t speak out for themselves.

New rules mean animal abuse charges will now be documented in the National Incident-Based Reporting system. So at long last officials will be collecting data that can be used as an early warning sign to help identify people who start out abusing animals and progress to humans.

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This is a step forward… sort of, depending on where it happens. The new ruling applies to inter-state incidents. So if it’s a dog fighting case taking place in a couple of states or a puppy mill shipping between states, it becomes a federal law and falls under this new level of protection. If your neighbor regularly abuses his dog, you’re on your own.

But it’s all about the baby steps. Community Action for Animals (CAA) claims almost every defendant accused of animal cruelty has also had child abuse, spousal abuse or violent assault arrests. So it’s a disturbing pattern with dots that have long been connected – typically during high-profile and sensationalistic crime sprees – and its finally getting some traction. And this is cause to celebrate the new federal laws!

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While recognizing early warning signs and taking aggressive action to discourage the pattern of escalation is crucial, we need to be equally diligent in safeguarding the innocent and vulnerable who live in our very own ‘hoods and remain unprotected by inter-state laws.

The CAA acknowledges cities and states will still have their own criteria for animal cruelty charges, but is hopeful the new laws at the federal level will motivate state legislatures to put more laws on the books to protect their local critters.

Again, baby steps… but as a wise person once said “All it will take for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.” When you see abuse, speak up for those who cannot!

[Source: KCTV5 News]

Mary Simpson
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