Rescued Pittie Goes Bonkers For Bonnets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Last month, a sweet Pitbull named Abigail was rescued from her life as a bait dog. She’s now got a new mom, and people all over the world are sending her hats-ful of love!

Victoria Frazier, the founder of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, came across a three-year-old pitbull named Abigail who had sadly been used as a bait dog. When Victoria first saw Abigail, she rushed her to her local vet and was told that Abigail’s wounds and injuries were the worst they’d ever seen.

Abigail suffered from deep puncture wounds on her head, cuts on her back and face, and most painful, the loss of her ear. Several surgeries and lots of TLC helped the sweet pup recover, but the wounds are still great. To cover the most blaring, her ear, Victoria began to put comfortable and cozy hats and headbands on Abigail to keep her comfortable and fashionable, while also protecting her wounds.

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Turns out that Abigail not only looks great in hats, but loves them too! Victoria adorns her with bows and beanies and headbands, and many come from generous ‘fans’ of Abigail’s who have sent them to her! Once news had spread of Abigail’s terrible wounds and her love-bug personality, several people began to donate (many hand-knit!) hats and bands to Abigail so they could show her some love. Victoria says that people all over the world are now following the sweet girl, and rooting for her in the form of fabulous headwear!

So far, Abigail has received over 50 different head accessories, and she also has gotten toys and treats. Victoria is so grateful for the interest so many have in Abigail, and is hoping that Abigail’s inspiring story of survival will help bring awareness to the traumatic and terrorizing practice of dog-fighting.

To help this battle, Abigail’s Mama started Bonnets For Abigail on Facebook. Using that page, people all over the world are donating hats and gifts, seeing her model her hawt collection of hats and keeping up with how her continued recovery is going.

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Unfortunately for Abigail, even though she has been rescued and is doing swimmingly, she still needs one more surgery that is related to her ear wound. Victoria has started a GoFundMe page to help raise the remaining funds for Abigail’s surgery, and has even sponsored a world-wide Facebook Virtual Event– Bonnets In Honor Of Abigail–which Victoria hopes that attending this virtual event anywhere you are worldwide will help bring awareness to the horror of dog fighting, and the hope that there is that one day, dog fighting will be no more.

The event will be December 23, 2016, and you can show your support for Abigail and all canine victims of dog fighting by posting pictures of you and your pet wearing your favorite hat. And of course, you can send a hat to Abigail…because it is clear hats are her jam!
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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