Logan’s Law Will Mandate Animal Abusers Registry, Tougher Penalties

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Michigan hopes to pass a bill called Logan’s Law that will ban convicted animal abusers from adopting and puts their names in an accessible database.

These are the stories that nobody wants to see. The ones that include photos that make you quickly turn the page. But if some tenacious animal advocates in the United States have their way, the news surrounding animal cruelty cases will include more than just a sad story. They will include the abusers name and some tough new penalties. And we think that it’s about time!

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Animal Rights Advocates in Michigan are hoping to see a bill that has been three years in the making become law this year and with it, an accessible database of animal abusers.

GOP Rep. Paul Muxlow of Brown City, Michigan, reintroduced the bill entitled “Logan’s Law” that would bar convicted animal abusers from getting another pet for five years (including post incarceration) and make it mandatory (and free) for animal shelters and other entities to check potential adopters against the Michigan State Police database.

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The bill was first introduced in 2012 following a horrific case of abuse in which a Husky named Logan was intentionally blinded by battery acid while in his kennel. He died a few months later.

While it passed the Michigan House last year, the bill didn’t get through the Senate before the session was over. The hope is that it will pass House and Senate committees, and then be sent to the governor for approval.

Michigan will follow in the steps of New York City which created a citywide animal abuser registry with similar restrictions last October. Other counties in New York state — including Albany, Rockland and Suffolk counties — earlier had passed their own versions of the registry, according to the California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Even though it’s too late for Logan, this bill will be in time to save other potential victims of abuse. You can learn more and stay on top of updates on Logan’s Law Facebook page.

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