Former Rescue Bully Crowned 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
From rags to riches, Vincent stole everyone’s hearts with his positive attitude and ever-wagging tail, earning him the 2016 Most Beautiful Bulldog award.

Just a few months ago, Vincent the English bulldog was a stray wandering the street of West Des Moines. His life changed when he landed in foster care and found his forever home with Meredith and Chad Green of Des Moines, ID.

Just a few days ago, Vincent completed against 44 other English bullies for the Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest, hosted by Drake University (the school’s mascot is a Bulldog). While other dogs needed to be coaxed with a string of treats to cross the stage, Vincent was born for the spotlight. He owned the stage by strutting his stuff and impressing the judges with his enthusiasm and endless energy.

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During the crowning ceremony at the Knapp Center, more than 2,000 fans (both live and online) cheered as Vincent donned the ceremonial cape and crown.

The judges knew nothing about Vincent’s past, and yet according to Drake University Director of Athletics Sandy Hatfield Clubb, the decision to choose him as the winner was unanimous. The crown was passed down to Vincent by Tank, last year’s winner. And another fun fact: Tank also has a sweet story, as he was adopted by his forever home via a Craigslist ad!

Judge Kurt Van Auken described Vincent as having “the look, the wrinkles, the nose, the happiness. His tongue was always wagging. It was pure joy looking at him.”

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Unlike many bulldog owners, who jokingly describe their bully as being a canine couch potato, Vincent can’t sit still. His owner Meredith Green describes Vincent as being an active dog – a fact that wasn’t lost on the judges.!

Vincent will serve as the official mascot of the 107th Annual Drake Relays, which kick off this week and include a slew of other fun events around Des Moines.

Long live King Vincent!

[Source: News.Drake]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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