Gorgeous Afghan’s Finery Costs Lots Of Fi-Dough

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The world’s most beautiful dog may live in Beijing, China, and is living life large with a beauty budget that is near $28,000.

Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful!

A Beijing, China marketing director knows his place. Saying he did not choose his dog Nirvana ‘Battle’, but was instead chosen by him, Kevin Chan spends nearly $700 (US) a month to keep the young rescue dog looking his absolute most gorgeous all the time.

Kevin has already spent $15,000 in grooming equipment and supplies to keep Battle looking his most fine, and says it takes six to eight hours to bathe and groom the gorgeous Afghan.

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Battle’s luxurious coat is floor-length and pristine, and Kevin says that brushing Battle is a gift because he is the most beautiful animal–and has been since he decided to take Battle home.

Battle gets regular spa treatments every seven to ten days, and it’s all done by Kevin, who finds it a privilege and honor. He says that Afghans by nature are born models with their own unique personalities and that he just follows his heart when styling the pooch.

Battle’s daily routine includes a nutrition spray on his fur to help keep it mat-free and silky smooth. Kevin believes that Battle deserves to be shown, and has bought a camera and taken photography lessons to be sure to capture Battle in his best light.

He starts with combing him for the nicest shots, and social media is on fire with all the love for the gorgeous doggo.

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Kevin says that the initial reaction of people to Battle varies from person to person, with some wondering if he is a sheep. Many recognize the cost of keeping a dog such as Battle looking beautiful, and many say he’s so gorgeous they want pictures of themselves with the glam guy.

Of course they do! He’s incredible!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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